Monday, October 24, 2016

Predictions 2017 talks - Schedule

Schedule for Predictions 2017 talks:

1) 7 January 2017 (Sat) - Invited by Safra Tampines

2) 14 January 2017 (Sat) - Invited by Safra Mt Faber

3) 17 January 2017  (Tues) - Invited by NUSS Guild House, Kent Ridge

Note: There are some talks that I had turned down, preferring to do just a few only for 2017.
CHEERS and See you !!!


Oh 16 September 2016 this year, a lady client came for her 2017 personal reading and we had a good 3 hours chat !!!

We first talked about how the year went by …..then we talked about health. This topic is very close to my heart ….……as we approach "aging"….hehe

Then she shared with me on "Origin Point Medicine" in chinese and I went like ….."wow" !!!!

After she left,  I spent every evening watching  in You Tube by Dr Chang Chao Han from Taiwan on Origin Point Medicine.

I wanted to learn how to treat fingers, legs and back aches which most of my clients complain the most about. And I wanted to know other than house fengshui health sector and buddhist practices….what other things can I offer to help my clients. I always give more that what is asked, this is my principle and what I want to do for all my clients.

Even when I say prayers, I also dedicate merits to all of my clients so that they too can benefit ;)))

After more than one month later……I am now a bit more prepared but I would usually advise them to go watch Youtube them selves.

Here is another one more :

This is where you can get the original You Tube …… enjoy them and share with your friends.

I also learnt that drinking hot ginger is good for health and I started drinking this…..…..then after 4 days, my clients told me that I had slimmed down.

Hmmm….. I was wondering if it is due to my 126 days of vegetarian diet or due to the ginger tea !

I believe it was due to the hot ginger tea. Have fun and drink more hot ginger tea !!!

Enjoy !