Sunday, June 29, 2008

Always leave a man a road to go and never corner him to the end

Today, I went to do an office fengshui and a house fengshui and then to the east coast area to do a can or cannot rent and that wraps up for the day and also for the month of June.
DAILY THOUGHTS: It is important in life to forgive one another and to move on and most of the time when we are into any form of trouble, the first person to blame has to be ourselves. it is our ego, our self expectations of others that can DRIVE any person crazy or mad. it is time now to sit down and ponder on WHAT you had done the last 10 years and whether it had been benefical to mankind. this is because life is short.

There was a story, I remembered vagely about a man trying to rescue many shell fish and throwing them back into the sea. so how many person can you help in your life time ? as long as even if you can help only ONE person that is already good enough ok ? and take baby steps at a time.
PHOTO: The photo is taken this afternoon where I was and I am enjoying my life by ordering a bottle of merlot, 2002, great wine, pasta and nuggets. you should try it sometimes. enjoy your work but at the same time, drink and be merry, it helps.
ON LYNN YAP BLOG: Some people blog but they don't have many readers while others have plenty more readers than I have. that is ok. because we MUST understand that there is such a thing as DESTINY and that destiny plays a big part of our lives and also what you write about also counts and how it is placed into words can have an impact on our readers.
Once you understand these: it is will you blog ?

ON FENGSHUI TIPS: There is this real life case of a couple who changed their pond to a bigger one and still rememberd to follow my fengshui concepts and then they got it right !! and so they were rewarded as both got their promotions. I was simply amazed and said "yes, correct". the pond looks good and there are bubbles, bubbles everywhere but no soapy bubbles ok ? I don't know what you will end up with but I THINK very slippery luck.

Er...... your humourous fengshui master at work again. too bad I can't get paid as an entertainer and telling fengshui jokes, but you can and just say you hear them from Master Lynn Yap's blog.

ON LIFE READINGS: Sometimes when people come for a life reading they would be full of frustrations, anger in them and that is where we try our best to explain the meaning of life and why things HAPPEN for a reason. some of them I do tell them to go and become a monk for at least 1 week or even 3 days would be good enough for them then when they come out of their "confinement" they would be a different person. this is because they would LOOK at the world differently and this is exactly my mindset as I have gone for several annual retreats in India already.

ON SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Prices of stock market shares have gone down since January 2008 and it is almost time to enter in August. I will most likely not be going in unless I feel that it is a good move as I need to save more money for my sons' university education. I don't want HIM to worry and let him be happy while leaving the worry to me, if you know the story about "a duck and a chicken", you would understand what I mean.

THE STORY: A man said to his wife : "I think I saw a duck coming out from the bushes". the wife said : "No, darling, it is a chicken". "No, a duck" said the man. "No, it is a chicken" the wife exclaimed almost in desperation.

After a couple of moments passed and no solution was found, the husband said to himself. why am I arguing with my wife on such a petty issue. it is such a small thing and yet we are both very upset over this and it is not a big issue but simply an issue on "a duck and a chicken".

Then the man said to his wife : "I see, dear, I think I made a mistake. you are right, it is a chicken". then the wife smiled as she believed that she has won the arugment but then..........guess who has the BIGGER win ? it is the man as he believed that it is because his wife is not so intelligent, a lady and that is why he married her.

Conclusion: Don't focus on a small fault of a person and missed the bigger picture of how your spouse has his or her own strengths.

I remembered once there was a father who asked me if he should send his son to do a doctorate which costs half a million dollars. that was many years ago and I can't remember what was my reply. maybe I seriously would not know what to do if it happen to me.

TIP:"Be true to yourself"

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