Saturday, June 28, 2008

A drop in the street where you live

Today, I went down to Hougang area to do a condo house review and then off to Depot road to do fengshui for a HDB. Fengshui Masters do not work all the time hence their income per hour is usually quite high. However many of the work is done off hours too like replying emails, sms, forums or reading up or placing advertisments on GOOGLE etc. if you ask me how many hours I work, I think it should be 15 hours.

PHOTO: One leaf finally fell still got 2 more.


ON SINGAPORE BLOG: BLOG has been around for years and many people have begun blogging but only recently it had become more popular and is now seen as an effective tool of marketing and communicating. Ever since my small advertisment in GOOGLE, I now get a daily visitor of 300 people. this is not enough as I know I still need to do my homework to increase more traffic. my next target is 400 visitors per day.

ON FENGSHUI : I had spent the last 10 years (let's just take 10 for easy calculation)(have been in this business for 19 years) of doing fengshui and life readings and only the last 5 years that I started to ask people about property prices that they bought and then I did my own analysis and that is where I GREW wiser or should I say more financially savvy. of course the first thing that I did was to count my own money and in year 2007, many of my clients grew wealthier and because of en bloc and because their own property rise in value and somehow strangely enough, so did mine. I did not plan for it, it just came. however, for the next pig year in 2019, it is going to be a planned one. just watch this space for my next big purchase and I love buying properties.

ON FENGSHUI TIPS: a) Colours play an important role in fengshui effects. so there should be a light coloured wall colour in all the rooms like beige and white. that would be best if you do not wish to invite a fengshui master to your house and have a look.

ON LIFE READINGS: There was a guy who came for life readings and he had 4 metals in his bazi and so he wasn't suitable to be wearing a gold expensive watch. when I mentioned that to him. he exclaimed yes true !! eversince he had this expensive metal watch, his luck went down. I had a good laugh and advised him to wear the S$20k expensive watch with the leather strap instead because leather is cow and cow is of the earth element.
ON INVESTMENTS: Wow. Singapore now has 77,000 millionaires those with a net worth of US$1 million dollars. are you now in this league ? I hope you are. I wonder how many of these 77,000 are Singapore born ? that would be an interesting read.

TIP: "Great insights come because of great good deeds done. have you done yours already?"


Realty Rider said...

Learning to know what precedes property price increases can be challenging for any investor. There are some well-recognized factors that drive the market. I have discussed few of them below:
1. Demand & Supply- Population change is the key driver of demand. When an area becomes popular more people want to live there. Given there are fewer dwellings than interested parties, prices increase and vice-versa. The other driver is availability of land.
2. Affordability and availability of money-Affordability is the relationship between housing prices, interest rates and wages. It's the cost to the owner or investor to retain and enjoy a property. When prices, interest rates and wages reach a ceiling in a particular area, residents often realise they can have a better lifestyle elsewhere.
3. Infrastructure-Infrastructure is always a major driver for price growth when it increases the attractiveness and amenities of an area. The benefits of infrastructure are generally recognized after the changes.
4. The resources boom-The demand for skilled and unskilled workers is increasing day by day.And with an increase in their salary scale, these workers seek to improve their lifestyle by buying bigger and better homes, or maybe an investment property or two.Put a number of these drivers together and you have an extremely good understanding of what's going to drive price growth. Having identified these areas, careful homework may reveal good cash-flow returns as well.For more view-

The Savy Investor said...

Realty Rider

Thank you for taking an interest in my BLOG.

Wealth Journey said...

my family is.
Hope to grow the pot to SGD$50mil in 20yrs.

Signed Off,
Wealth Journey

P/S : Just learnt the signoff from your blog, have a name holder with your name and billionaire below :P But, I'm not aiming that high.