Monday, June 30, 2008

I am like a book, every turn of the page brings surprises and curiousity

Today, I went down to an office to do a review then went to attend my personal matters then home.

See, the leaf finally fell into the garden of my investment house. it was kind of fun to shoot the pictures knowing that they would be up in the net.
ON LYNN YAP BLOG: Hi, so far do you enjoy reading my BLOG ? I hope so. someone even sms me saying :"happy blogging". I had a good laugh when I saw that sms. oh and if you ask me how many sms I received in a day, I don't know.......I don't count them. Phone Calls ? yeah even though I tell people not to call me they still would call. maybe testing my own "business system".
That is why when I work, you would notice that I don't pick up my calls or to send an sms. it is because my phone is on the silent mode and this is called "being professional". one has to learn how to be professional before anyone out there can say you are one.

So if you are an employee learn to be Professional at least at the work place and after office hours, you can do anything that you want but don't break the law. Number rule when doing business - and the BLOG is going to be the NEXT BIG THING in the INTERNET, one form of passive income too if one wishes.
ON FENG SHUI TIPS: Today I have started to give Daily secret fengshui tips (on the right hand side of this BLOG) as my GOOGLE Ad says so...... then I will work on how to make it an online marketing thing to get revenue. it is not that I need it or want more income, I really don't need them BUT it is a PASSION to want to see how FAR I can go and do it. You know what I mean ? ....just like those savy investors....ask them what drives them ?.........and especially when you THINK you can be as good as those online marketing gurus. hehe....... where they can make an income out of their own BLOG or website.
A lady sms me at 8.55am and ask when she can change her pond to a bigger one ? I replied if I did go back for a house review and then told them that they could do it ? then they can. This is because that client who had their recent promotions invited me every year to their house to do a review. the last time I was there - I over shot my time and was there for over 4 hours !!! and was late for my next appointment.

What does it tell about me and my clients ? - that we have a very very good relationship ? And after fengshui is done for all my clients, anyone can always sms me at 9685-2718 as I am available to them 24 hours !!! yeah. 24/7. I work harder than anybody and run faster too. when at home, I work too - online.
Some companies or some couples do invite me back every year : these are the ones that I know are those who will generally succeed much better in life by using "fengshui as a tool for competitive advantage" than those who seldom invite me back but assume that their feng shui is doing ok which most of the time, it is........ otherwise they would call me already.

ON DESTINY: If you are born a fire element person or if the fire element falls in the day, hour or year pillars then you can take your alcohol very well and seldom get drunk. Don't believe me, test it out.

ON SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Some people are starting to buy properties, sometimes it might be the right timing and for some it might NOT be for the right reasons and then they may just loose money. it is all laid down in their bazhi and we have seen some people who own flats that till today because of the recent price increase now can breakeven or loose money.
I somehow prefer living in a condo than other flats because of the "wall". There is something about the kind of bricks that they use to build the WALLS of condos vs other type of houses/flats. I am not a builder so I can't tell but my 6th sense tells me so.
TIP: "As the page turns, a new chapter is born"


Anabella said...

I agree with you many are buying real estate now. I am from the USA and it is common when there is a real estate slump for people to start purchasing for investment; more or less looking for properties that are in foreclosure or REO (real estate owned) properties. The people research the properties, buy them and then fix them up for resale.

The Savy Investor said...

Thank you, Anabella for your comment and sorry for the late reply.