Thursday, June 26, 2008

My other house

Today, 27 June 2008, Friday, I had an appointment at 10.30am at bukit merah area and then in the afternoon to Lok Yang road area. both for office review and these two companies had been my clients for at least 11 years. Gosh, how time flies.

ON BLOG: What makes a blogger motivated to write ? I don't know about others BUT for me, it is the traffic. the more visitors to this blog, the more my passion to write juicy secret fengshui tips as I wish to share what I know about fengshui and destiny.
ON MY FAVOURITE FOOD: I love seafood and japanese food. whenever I have seafood I must have a bottle of red wine and with japanese food, it is always a bottle of sake and make it cold. salmon sashimi is my favourite too. my brother who is a medical doctor told me that it is good for the arteries because of its natural oil so that they don't get clock up. Sounds right so I just follow. sashimi anyone ?
ON FENGSHUI TIPS: Someone asked me if money kept in cpf is the same as cash at bank ? well, the answer is that it is NOT the same. the real hot cash in your savings account in the bank then can attract more money to come to you or you may keep S$500/- cash in your zip pocket of your handbag to attract more cash to come to you. try it if you still haven't know about this : fengshuiQueen tip for 2007 or come to my yearly talk at Safra. these days I am a paid speaker. I get paid for making fengshui speech if not I don't talk.
SMS RECEIVED TODAY: 3 people sms me saying that my blog is interesting and informative. one even said she read it 5 times a day ! I replied thanks for making my counter "click".

TIP: "The dragon cannot face the pond in your wealth area"

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