Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Persuasive power is important but before that trust has to come.with trust people will be persuaded

Today, I went down to do a house review at serangoon area and then went to visit my hair stylist to colour my hair and to book a table at peach garden for my sunday outing with my parents. I am taking them to tim sum lunch at thomson plaza. Making time for family members is an important part of life. It is call "respect" - once we can respect others, others will also come to respect you and I respect my parents and I also respect my children. that way, we have a very good relationship.
ON BLOG: This morning at around 5am I noticed that my blog could not be downloaded. I wondered why. then I search all the other help for blogs and try to find a solution. I could'nt and did'nt have the patience. so I switched off my computer and then went downstairs. after a while I came back again at around 9am and decided to take a FRESH look at the problem then I decided to use a new template and viola !!! it worked. all the text and the photos came back.

ON BUSINESS: Recently I was reading on line about how people build a business on line and earned lots of money. I wondered if such a system can be done in Singapore and whether any online marketing firms became very successful just doing that or that we really need a "brick and mortar" business model in order to succeed.
I have come across many medium size businesses and most of the time after fengshuied and after two review sessions with them then I feel more comfortable to talk to them about going listing. I told them that one of the way to cash out in the company that they built would be to cash out by going listing so that the shares that they own would be easily transferable.
Some of them agreed that they should be doing that while others were still quite sceptical. I told them to go and search for "like minded" companies maybe in the same trade and then form a Holding Company first and then let this Holding Company control equal shares in company A and company B before going for listing. this is because how can a company work with 2 heads ? and especially if both heads have very different visions and goals.
Of course when they are about to go for listing I will buy some shares from them before being listed. my investment fund is S$500k.
BUSINESS SYSTEM: Ever wonder why Mcdonalds burger is so successful when your mum's chicken burger actually tasted much better and yet may not be very successful ? it is about a "Business System" and once we build that system in place we can go for our body massages and do our hair anytime that we like. what we need to do is actually to stay very focused on our goals and discipline.
ON FENGSHUI TIP: There was a lady who asked me why I do not like to answer my calls? I replied that :"it is because my clients will absorb my energy and then I will feel exhausted afterwards". that is why I do reply my calls but selectively. Another reason could be that : I find that much time is lost talking on the phone while that time could be used to do more productive things instead.
ON YEARLY FENGSHUI: The "five yellow energy" falls in the North sector. not many people BELIEVE because other fengshui masters say it is in the South. Recently, there was a passport case in the newspaper involving two men. men are North element and it occured "troublesome" energy to them - the males. have you read of any females (south element) that had troublesome energy recently the first 6 months ?
CASE STUDY: One young couple told me that his wife didn't know and place a standing fan inthe North sector of their new house. and what happen ? the husband was overseas at that time and had the most difficult time with clients and when he came home he found to his horror that the standing fan was accidently placed there in the North sector of the house by his wife. I have many more stories to tell if you are STILL not convinced.
I reply my emails, forum and sms personally. I did all this BLOG myself in a month by now......just by reading other blogs and see what they have and whether I want to have them in my site. and I write my own BLOG. I am very IT savy. then I add this and that...... and then in order to drive the traffic I advertise on GOOGLE and then crash. Anyhow yesterday, I have a record of 300 visitors already. I feel great. Now it is time to build the content on this blog.
ON DRINKING WINE: I can drink wine anytime of the day or night. however if you know that you are going to drink wine at 11am then make sure that you take a full breakfast first. there must be food in the stomach before one drinks if not you will be very tipsy very soon. So I usually will take rice in the morning at 10.30am before I meet my client at 11am at Sheraton Towers and once there I will have my usual glass of house red. People there all know that I frequent there. however I do notice that eversince I began blogging I hardly go there and say hello to my friends.
One person sms me saying that : "U look pretty in d photo with Nancy. One of d prettiest fs master"
TIP: "Standing out among the madding crowd take skill"

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