Wednesday, July 02, 2008

All people out there are your source of happiness: make them happy

Today I went down to the west area to do a HDB fengshui and then to office for a life reading and then home.

ON LYNN YAP BLOG: For the last few days, I have been getting a constant 300 visitors. if this goes on I should be able to get a constant of 400 visitors to this BLOG soon. that sounds COOL. First of all : it is because where can you find 400 people coming daily to read a blog ? and on feng shui which is such a small niche market, meaning there are very few followers of feng shui here as compared to overseas like in Hong Kong and todate there are still MANY MANY people OUT there who do not YET believe in this ancient art of feng shui.

Maybe it could be the way the feng shui master projects feng shui to be. Some projected it to be rather superstitious others too modern etc. I always believe there is no right and no wrong. let the customers choose but most important of all : after fengshui is done they get back the money spent and is 500% more than what they paid. that should be the way.

For example: if my feng shui did'nt work, then today there would'nt be over 400 visitors (most of them my customers) coming faithfully to read what I write and to attend my talks, always. My talks are always full house. Don't ask me, ask the organisers, they know best: who commands in the feng shui market.

Whether or not one believes : there is a certain truth in the way life works for you, your own destiny and your wealth/health etc.

ON BLOG AWARDS : Next year if there is any Singapore BLOG Award please don't nominate my BLOG ok ? I don't want to be a FAMOUS BLOGGER. I am very happy being a fengshui expert and just doing my work, whoever my clients are : they are all very very important people and big corporate names. They like me because firstly my fengshui works and secondly, I speak the same wavelength as them. that is the REAL reason why I am so successful in this feng shui business.

ON FENG SHUI TIPS: In the old days, people were asked to place a picture of a bowl of fruits directly opposite the dining table. this means that there is always food for the family. however I find that a painting of padi field (yellow to show havesting time) and a farmer and an ox has a better impact. that is : clients' career becomes better.

Some clients of mine had this while some had a "fu lu shou" (3 Dieties) facing the dining table others had a "chye sen yeh" (God of fortune). so it all depends on what the clients want.

ON DESTINY: Some woman once they prosper in their career/business then the husband's career goes down. this is "ming" : where the "day" is the lady and the money element lies below the "day" in the day pillar. How many woman you know is like this ?

ON SAVVY INVESTMENTS: A) ON PROPERTY. Some people can make the most money from property which is of the earth element. Do you know whether you can or cannot ? if you can - then stay on this track and don't digress or else you would be bound to loose money, elsewhere. If you REALLY do not know then come for a life reading with me. So far in my investments in properties : bought 4 and sold 1, now balance 3. I have never lost money in properties. On the contrary, I make the most money from them in a single purchase. just look at my paper profits todate and if I cash out everything I am financially free. But I know it is not the right timing.............I still want to make more. it is a PASSION to find more good properties to invest than the making money part, you know ? you sure you know what I mean by that PASSION ? ok, ok, I take it that you know. hehe

So how does one start to be savvy ? learn from others is one or if you are my son, I will teach you. My eldest son, Ivan reads my BLOG and I still can't get my second son, Alex to read my BLOG. well..... I will wait till he finishes his exams and then talk to him. some kids need to be pushed. my second one is like this. hope he finds a gf who can push him.

For a start : Learn to pay yourself first : this means that every 1st day of the month, transfer some money into your money colour bank account and end with your lucky number at the end and that the money that goes IN there - DO NOT COME OUT. that way, you have just started learning the first step to be a savvy investor.

Second Step : Make a metal or wood name tag that can stand and put your chinese names in english text and below it type : Billionaire.

This signifies to the Universe that you want to be one and so the Universe will finds ways to help you become one.

TIP: "Make others happy because when they are happy, your own happiness will come too"

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