Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Can you SEE energy with your eyes ?

It rained this morning, 9 July 2008, Wednesday and oh so beautiful and then it stopped raining as I was about to go to bukit timah area to do a cluster house feng shui then to ubi office.

ON FENG SHUI TIPS: Someone commented that he like my article on spiritual numbers. I would like to say "thank you". I am glad that at least someone enjoy reading this article. Personally, I thought it was COOL.

ON LYNN YAP BLOG: I went to search more info on BLOG and did a Google search, http://google.com/ on blog and what I got was that : a blog is actually like a personal diary where you write anything that comes into your mind or whatever that happens to you on that day. so I figured that in order to qualify as blog, it has to show something personal about what you like : your liking for what sort of food or what you think of this or that.
However, these days a blog can be a bit impersonal keeping to safe topics and avoid personal stuff. I personally like to read blogs that has both. that way I get to know more about the person who is blogging and the topic which has to be rather consistent.

My counter reads at : 10863 visitors already and in less than 2 months of blogging spanning over 19 countries. I think it is pretty good. er ?

ON DESTINY: Our destiny maybe fixed but we must be smart enough to know how to use our own destiny to our advantage so that we got to learn how to ask the right questions and to always have an inqusitive mind.

ON SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Recently, I came to the conclusion that even 99 leasehold property can make money as long as it has a good location. rich wealthy people may not tell us all there is to it when they choose to buy this property and all that. in fact there are many people out there who can be quite secretive when it comes to why they buy this property or not or how much wealth they have etc. we tend to call this in cantonese : "kwai kwai she she". just like if your main door cannot be seen from the front of the house then the owners would tend to follow this phase of : "kwai kwai she she". most of the time when I do landed properties the door has to be straight. I do not wish my clients become "kwai kwai she she".

Yes, I agree that the prices of food, oil, transportation has gone up - what's most important now is : to tighten our belt like taking simple food like frozen food for dinner and cooking more (buy the cheapest cooking oil rather than using olive oil to cook for example) than buying in especially when you have a family of 4 to feed. cooking can be cheaper. try it. it is now time to change your lifestyle a bit and adjust. of course if you can afford then you are ok. but there are many others out there - who really needs help. so if you do know of any relatives or friends try to help them by showing them how to cook. this is because I think most of them do not know how to cook or how to save money on food. so if you do know then try to help and do your bit.

TIP: "Helping others can give us great joy"

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