Friday, July 11, 2008

Clouds tell a story, look at the clouds for your own reply to your fortune

Today, 12 July 2008, Saturday, I went down to Anchorvale for a house review and then to Toa Payoh for another house review.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Last night before I went to bed I turned on my MSN chat and saw that second son, Alex finally got into MSN chat with me now. well...............I went to bed last night, FEELING happy.

ON FENG SHUI: Just wish to share this information with you :

Recently, I went to do a house review and there was this particular house that had a bronze 6inches tall hulu in the SE sector and on the floor but somehow it didn't quite work quite well for the clients and during my tour in the whole house (usual for second visits) I discovered that this house had a picture of sea horses, sea creatures on the wall representing water and that was why the hulu didn't work for the sickness bit.

I promptly told them to remove the water elements because the water element can cause the sickness energy to be worse. it should be perfect already after my visit and I also recommended that they add in an empty vase there too. "kia su" (hokkien). this is just one aspect of the house reviews, usually there are more things said. I just wish to share this bit only so that in case your house's SE sector also have a picture of a boat, waterfall there etc please take it down.

ON LYNN YAP BLOG: This blog allows my clients to know more about me and what I do while I also wish to have new readers too to benefit when they come across my blog and I discovered that it was the one on the savvy investments part that these new readers like. How did I know ?......well, they told me in an email that my investment thoughts gave them a fresh viewpoint to look at investments. long as I can benefit them, I am happy.

ON DESTINY: When a person enters into 4 money elements in that year that person will have the highest windfall. An example is: you have 2 money elements in your bazi and you are entering into the ten year luck cycle of money plus the year also have your money element. then that year, you will make the biggest windfall. Go and check yours so that you know when, ok ?

ON SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Do you give your child a lot of money or do you put money into your children's savings account ? Personally, I know of 2 lady clients, both mothers who did that. I told one of them to put less as I felt that she is putting too much money into the wrong account. It should be her own account first and only when she has enough savings for her own retirement then it is ok to put money into her children's account.

A CEO once asked me in 2007: QUESTION: Which part of the world's economies will do well and why, Master Lynn ?

My Reply: Most people know that it is either India or China or both maybe even Middle East and Russia. However Asia is the one that will boom in the next few years or more. It is because from the fengshui persepctive it is because Asia never have winter. It is hot all year round making businesses move faster and people moving faster and working harder than anywhere else.

Look at the countries that have winter. The minute the winter comes : what happens ? People curl up in bed because it is too cold and don't feel like working harder so if people behave in this manner, what's more about the crops, the trees around.

TIP: "Fortune will come to anyone who has a kind heart"


STUMPBO said...

Master Lynn, what happens if the 4th money for that year is hidden in the earth pillars? So means ?

Evon said...

Hi Masterlynn, now I finally know why the hulu doesn't work for me - cos there are fishes and seaweed on my window grills. no wonder i have been falling sick for the past few months.