Saturday, July 12, 2008

Feng Shui, Feng Shui everywhere do you know what it is ?

Today, I went down to my parents' place and then off to do feng shui at Tanglin Halt area.

ON SINGAPORE BLOG, LYNN YAP: I am very happy that on an average I have 6000 visitors to my blog and not yet 2 months of blogging !!!! many have sms me saying it is an interesting read. I wish to thank you for reading and have also changed the blog heading to have feng shui on it so that when visitors do a search on the word : feng shui........ I can be there among the top 10 in the search engine without my ads.
ON FENG SHUI: Sometimes in your life, you would meet friends and you are bound to ask them this question : "Do you believe in feng shui ? " Some people may say "yes" but there will still be some people who would say "no". Then you must be smart enough to ask : "How much do you know about feng shui ? " I can BET with you that they don't know a thing and yet they claim that they don't believe in feng shui ?
Arn't they being silly ? so don't get yourself caught in such a situation especially when your top bosses ask you this simple question or he could just wipe you off his list of highly capable staff.
The POINT is: How can anyone say they don't believe in anything when they hardly know what it is that they DON'T believe in. You get my POINT ?
ON COMPANY : I have left working in the corporate world for over 19 years and am happier working for myself as an Entrepreneur. During these last 19 years, my knowledge of the corporate world has increased in the sense that I am able to LOOK at the company from outside the box.......if you know what I mean and hence am able to pin point the company's new problems.
You see....feng shui is very much related to a Company's progress. This is because after feng shui is done to a Company - that Company usually grow and can be very fast (provided they do it correctly) then they will need to add in more staff etc etc and so they grow. Then space becomes a new problem so they expand and get new offices and more feng shui done and then they grow again. this time when they grow they usually buy their own factories and last year I had checked about 4 factories - all of whom had been my clients for several years. now they own their own asset, a factory like those in Tuas or Lok Yang area. I usually get this great satisfaction when I see their company's name on the big signboard. wow.
ON DESTINY: What is Destiny ? Destiny is about your life, your path in the future, whether you make your destiny good or not is up to you. If you decide to make good use of your destiny then go and have your life read. It can be read by any fortune tellers in Singapore then once you understood more about yourself, your future then the next step is : How BEST to improve. it can be many ways.
Some people must own their first car while some must own their first property or to get married first etc. I find Destiny Reading, Fascinating that I simply love it and it is best read together with the house's feng shui.
This is because the two of them goes hand in hand. It's like it takes two hands to clap right ? so you need these two order go forward.
ON SAVVY INVESTMENTS: There are 4 ways a man can grow rich - a) thru property b) thru shares c) start a business d) inheritance. Once you identified which method suits you - then you just plan and go ahead and acquire more and more of those.
Most of the time, we would talk about property and shares because those are easier and if property is the one for you then go and buy more and more properties. so that in the year of 2019 the next pig year, you can grow your wealth by then.
Shares - are alittle bit tricky because you would need to have some financial knowledge if not most of the time you may find that you loose. it is because of a lack of knowledge. Greed also come in and then you will know who are the greedy ones and who are not. hehe

TIP:"Feng Shui is not a belief. it is there and you will need someone to explain it to you then you will know what feng shui REALLY is"

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Lawrence Lim said...

How you got your initial wealth?
a) thru property b) thru shares c) start a business d) inheritance.