Friday, July 18, 2008

I am fengshui savvy, are you ?

Today, 19 July 2008 Saturday, I had to work at 8.30am for a house review and then to ubi office for two annual reviews and then off to do fengshui for a condo in the west.
DAILY THOUGHTS: Some people love weekends because then they have time to do their personal stuff or simply to spend time with their loved ones. Well, ultimately it is to balance everything in life isn't it ?
There were some people whom I have met and they told me that they felt bored with their life but I would ask them : "Would you be happier if there was someone around you where you have a companion or would you rather be happier being alone ?"

This is because for some people: They are actually happier alone than have someone nagging at them all the time while there are those who are afraid of being alone. So which one is you ? you would have to decide ok ?
And if you are happier alone well..........find some things to do every day so that the time pass faster.
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ON FENG SHUI : Feng Shui is an ancient art of practice laid down some 5000 years ago in China where in the old days before anyone were to build a town or a city, a learned man will be consulted. Today these learned men are now known as feng shui masters. They are usually a well learned person with many years of experiences, people naturally like an old feng shui master. The older they are, the more experienced would be their skills. That is in the mindset of people and that is why they tend to be rather elderly around the age of 50 (like me)(hehe) but may still look young with the invention of botox. Do you BOTOX ? hehe
And there are very few female feng shui masters in the past because most of the time these art are passed down to the males as females in the old days were told to look after the kitchen and the family and had very little education. Hence, they can't read the old ancient chinese text because they had very little education.
ON DESTINY: If you love a man so much and wanted so badly to have him, what do you do ? I usually tell the females to take a couple photo of him and you and then place the photo beside you where you are sleeping and in front to place a real fresh rose. This real flower will make him think of you and so he will call you or send you an sms. try it. because real flowers fade after two weeks, one is allowed to use a plastic looking rose.
ON SAVVY INVESTMENTS: I guess, most of us haven't earned enough or saved enough to fully retire. Then there was a day when someone asked me : "How much is enough for you?". I replied without hesitation : one million. ......On second thoughts with 3 more family members, I would need 4 so hopefully the next step is to save more and invest more to arrive at that 4 million.

TIP: "Do you fengshui ? it's hip and COOL to have a fengshui Queen as your master"

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