Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I have a big PASSION for work, do you ?

Today, 2nd July 2008, Wednesday, I went to the bank and then to my ubi teckpark office for readings and then home. when home, I work on my computer and read about blogs, how to get more revenue from blogs etc etc. most important of all I enjoy what I am doing. that is why I always tell my children to find out what they love to do the most and I will support them. because I want my kids to be happy. I will train them to be savy investors when they turn 21 and oh I have waited for this day to come for so many years.
ON LYNN YAP BLOG: In the old days, when we use the internet, we had two ways of getting there : One is Netscape and the other was Internet Explorer. somehow these days only one left or am I outdated ?

Many people have already begun to BLOG - it is actually a good method to get in touch with your customers and also to get new customers. if you are intelligent enough and you BLOG, you would be able to channel the fastest visitors coming to your site and not having spent a lot of money.

There is this management theory : CRM keeping the customers coming back. I did'nt learn it in the university because in the old days we didn't have this but I did learnt about was the 4 ps of marketing that I applied to my small business when I first started. I use the weekly thoughts found in my website and the mailing list in yahoo groups to inform my customers of what is happening to me and especially when I travel overseas. these days since I started blogging, I shall use this BLOG for that.

In the old days, I was all alone and armed with my luopan I walked on the grounds. today it is alot simplier, I turn on my computer and just CLICK. In my mindset was to meet at least 5 new people a day so I work and work. to day, I also try to meet 5 new people every day. most of the time, I do an average of 3.

ON FENG SHUI TIP: In the course of my work, I had seen many businesses grew and most of the time when they do - they usually use back, the same fengshui master.

ON FENGSHUI BUSINESS: Like I have often said, it is how one wants to run the company and whether you want to take it to the next level but what is the next level ? the only next level that I currently do know of is : to grow my own wealth. I currently own 3 properties in my name and in 10 years time I would probably own more and quite a good bunch of personal net worth and then it will be time to do my EXIT STRATEGY which you would remember that I spoke about in my WEEKLY THOUGHTS located on my offical website www.fengshuiqueen.com which is meant for paid members only. I will still write there ok ? give me time.

ON DESTINY: A wood person always worry. you can literary hear him saying about this and that and you would know that he is always such a negative guy. unless he changed himself to be a positive person and the only way to change HIM is to give him money. MONEY although is a dirty word but it is important because it gives a man, his confidence (because his bank account got so many zeros) and that can change his mindset to be more positive. He also did'nt like to owe the bank a lot of money and would prefer to quicky get things paid up, the fastest possible time. but is this the mindset to way get richer ? no, it isn't. that is why : we need to learn how to savy. and this why this BLOG was started. I wanted everybody to learn how to savvy investors. hence it was never meant to be a fengshui blog if it is : it is probably because I love fengshui too much
and so I will just keep talking about it. hehe

RULE Number ONE: borrow money. use the bank money to create more money for yourself. but before that is done: you must understand your own capability and how much is your total income per month and how much the bank is willing to lend you money. plus : how savvy are you for the last 5 years ? if you are good and savvy then go into the next step : which is to use the bank money to : a) buy properties b) buy shares c) convert to gold d) convert into foreign currencies. all of which can make you savvy plus to grow your own wealth. I will talk about them in the next few days. most important of all : which one suit your bazi the most. bazi is a form of life readings based on your birthdate and time of birth.

ON FOOD: I can cook and sometimes I would dish out my favourite fried prawns, black sauce with garlic, sesami oil chicken fillets, a vegetable dish and a nice canned soup. hehe. you want to come home with me to have dinner ? (tan koo koo) (hokkien joke)(wait long long).

I like to make people happy - if I can put a smile on your face while you are reading my blog, then I would done my part as a good blogger. I don't just blog about stuff you know.........I blog jokes too at my own expense. it is ok I had learnt to laugh at myself and not get too serious.

ON SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Did you know that when I sold my e-centre at redhill office unit, I immediately went to a japanese restuarant and ordered my favourite salmon sashimi and a bottle of sake. to me: it is a WONDERFUL celebration, quiet moments spent by myself and reflecting on what I just did. that was in year 2005. I only got my money back in early 2006. it was fun then as I went around the roads of Singapore doing my thing. the amount that I got back is today a relatively small amount but I grew this figure. it doubled simply by keeping them in a blue colour bank and ending with a bank number that ends with a 8.

For example: I took back $50k and promptly placed them in a blue colour bank and I kept my S$10k salary inputs into the bank account also and today, 2008, it had grown double. I am firm believer in the concept of "money attracts money". the money in your savings account will attract more money to come to you and I am also a firm believer of paying taxes. I put all the money that I collect from my fengshui business into the company's bank account and then pay myself a salary and of course, cpf a must. I also engaged an accountant to do my company's accounts from day one till today.

The company did'nt grow it is already at max because there is only an x number of hours in a day a person can work but my own net worth grew and that is important. because customers today are of a different breed -they can be more savvy than you or I. but when our income is of a certain level and our own net worth of a certain level that runs into millions, people will look at you differently. and that is exactly what I want to achieve.

That is why this BLOG wasn't about fengshui as it is - it is much more than that. it is about being savvy investors and how we can grow to the next level in the next 10 years to capture another 5 million dollars or more. I will write about how I do it in the next 10 years. follow my BLOG and see if there are anything that is new and is informative to you so that you can grow your own wealth. that is the true motivation of this BLOG.

I have a strange feeling that many small size companies do not know how to grow their own wealth, the way I did. hmm.........maybe I know something that they don't. Ah !! I know............I KNOW how to write and do my own BLOG. maybe they are not so IT savy ? hmm........

TIP:"PASSION is a 7 letter word meaning guts with love"


Eric said...

Hi, Master Lynn,

Thanks for the insights, especially on the savvy investments part.

The most important thing to invest in is myself. Thus, I have started reading wealth creation and investment books by authors, such as Adam Khoo, Robert Kiyosaki, Alexander Elder, in order to increase my knowledge.

I also plan to trade for a living, so i can 'sack' my boss and spend more time with family.

I must say this journey was not as easy as i thought, so i must stay focused and keep up my determination and perserverance to make this a reality.

And you are right, what matters most is a person must have the passion and enjoy what he/she is doing, in order to do well and succeed.

Your blog never ceased to inspire and enlighten me. That's why i read it everyday.

Cheers ;)

The Savy Investor said...


Thank you for your comments. I will bear you in mind when I write my blog on savvy investments. Have faith in yourself and keep it GOING !!! GOOD LUCK !!!