Thursday, July 10, 2008

Life is like a Queen on a chessboard, checkmate, my dearest

Today, 11 July 2008, Friday, I went to ubi techpark office to do 2 life readings and then home.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Yesterday evening it rained then I opened the windows in the wealth area and also the windows in the power areas to let the wind come in. Then it dawned on me that eversince I had this new Daikin air con I have been closing my windows in the master bedroom most of the time when I am home as compared to the previous months. I intend to open more windows to let the "chye" (wealth) come in MORE. hehe

Last night, a lady sms me saying how true it is that the first half of the year which is : "yang earth" year - had given her a terrible time at the work place. the only thing that kept her going was that : after August all would be ok and so she "ren" (have patience). Keep it up dearest and don't worry, you are not all alone in this.

ON FENG SHUI: Some people say feng shui is a belief - it is actually an art as well as science although there is no clear cut written down rules on what works and what don't work. That is why there are many grey areas in the work of feng shui and every Geomancer would say theirs are the best. Well........all that is marketing and eventually the one who is good and popular will be the one who has many followers.

ON LYNN YAP BLOG: Eversince I turned on the ads and started blogging, I noticed that Saturdays and Sundays were days that I had the least visitors. so I decided to also turn off the ads on weekends and that would be a better management of my ads.

ON DESTINY: Another happy story : there was a man who came to my office one day and said that after wearing red underwear for 3 days, he strike 4d of about $9k and was so happy that he introduced me another client and gave me a red packet. WOW. Such is my life that make me touched and that my decision to become a Geomancer was correct. Oh common, how many NUS Business Admin Grad you know go out and become a Geomancer ? hehe

ON SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Savvy investments on d) foreign currencies When our Singapore dollar is strong, it can be a good opportunity to change to other foreign currencies to keep. which one to change to ? I am not very good at predicting which foreign currencies would go up the highest. Try these : Good bets are : a) Australian dollars b) China yuan c) New Zealand dollars d) Thailand baht. this increase is good for 5 years only.

Personally, I go for thai baht because of my property in Bangkok. If early March 2008, I did not go and buy one, I would not have understood how foreign currencies can affect us so greatly. At that time our exchange rate was : S$1 to $22.8 thai baht. my friends asked me : this property is expensive, are you sure you want to buy ?. I just based on my gut feel and said yes, please do. Today, the exchange rate is S$1 to $24.7 thai baht. My property according to today's exchange rate now becomes cheaper.

Anyhow, I like the studio apartment because it is really small and cute and has a nice balancy especially for me to sit, sip my wine and see forever (no blockage) at 39th floor. it is still considered expensive in today's standard. but it was the ONE SINGLE FACTOR that made me put down my deposit.
That was why when I gave a talk to Dennis Wee Realty , the early part of this year to their property agents, I told them to LOOK out for : what will make this owner tick before he will put down that deposit. LOOK out for the ONE SINGLE FACTOR.
Coming back to foreign currency : Even for us, one small timing can cost as much as S$10k more or less and the amount that we are talking about is not that big. it is because when we change to foreign currencies in volumes that is when it becomes big.
It is like playing shares, we need to play in volume then an increase of only 1 cent then you can make S$1k richer already. I won't know right ? until I tried it myself and I can tell you the feeling of waiting even for that 1 cent is no fun.

TIP: "On the chessboard are pawns, bishops, castles, which one is you?"

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