Monday, July 14, 2008

Looking youthful is an art, do you look young ?

Today, 15 July 2008, Tuesday, I went to Ubi Office for readings.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Ubi Techpark is a nice place and one of the reason why I bought this office other than the good feng shui, was the lovely rounded canteen. It was this THE SINGLE FACTOR that made me buy this office unit in 2004 many years ago as I don't wish to go hungry, always got food here for me.

Feng Shui Note: Anything that is round is considered a form in the study of feng shui and has a powerful effect. just like a ba gua shape that is 8 sided is another form that is more powerful than a rounded form. In Singapore there are many that are done with a ROUND shape or OVAL shape or even using a SEMI MOON shape.

ON LYNN YAP BLOG: You know...........something ? recently I have asked many people to start a blog so that I have friends mah (the bloggers n my clients)...........the other is : when you are old and going senile.....(lau kok kok)(old) writing a blog is a very good exercise for the brain to keep, it ticking. One thing though is....we cannot make alot of people love our blogs....this is because sometimes we are not a very good writer, not very humourous then people will not want to read your blog especially if it is too dry or the topic is not interesting enough for the readers.

I think a good blog is one that is able to capitvate its readers to want to read it everyday. right in Singapore, we already have a few famous names as bloggers. It's great that some people can become famous being a blogger. however, what is important is : who makes the most money from their blogs ? speaking from the investor point of view.

ON FENG SHUI: One of my signature feng shui must be the wishing table : It is a table that I usually draw that has 3 drawers and 4 legs then I would suggest to you the items to be placed there so that all your dreams can come true. Have you tried it ? Has any of your dreams come true ? tell me about it.

ON DESTINY: For some people's life, it may be good for them to have a son or a daughter. so in the old days they would tend to have a god son or a god daugther to call them :"god ma" so that their luck will always be good all the time. Personally, I have helped some female clients find their god children. we match the animal signs.

ON SAVVY INVESTMENTS: To start by being savvy, one needs to open a bank account where : you put money "in" only and no "outs". Ideally that bank account ends with a 8 and the bank colour has to suit you meaning either to go for a blue colour bank or a red colour one, then your money can GROW.

Give you a tip for being my faithful readers for the last 7 weeks of blogging : Cash is king for the next 6 months in 2008 as well as next year, 2009. So please set aside some money if you haven't already done so.

Of course...... if you are waiting to buy shares then go ahead but still try to set some cash aside, ok ?

In life, there is no need to be very very rich - being happy is THE most important. However we still need a good retirement fund so that it can see us through in our old age and so we have to start planning now. If you are in your 30's, 40' would be in great shape whenever you wish to retire. Me ? already coming to 50's and belong to the older generation of people who REALLY need to start to save now !!! ai yo.

TIP: "Do stretch exercise each morning so that you won't feel tired the whole day"

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TCH said...

Hi Master Lynn

I am a faithful reader of your blog, as you may already know.

I din know about the money can go in and NOT out for the bank...i tot it can be my 'transaction account'... mine should be the one in red since red is my favourable colour.

If my spiritual number, like you guess it the last time, is 5. Is it acceptable if the bank account end with a 5, or must it be a 8?