Sunday, July 06, 2008

Money is not everything in life

Today, 7 July 2008, Monday, I am on leave and went to attend to my personal matters.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Try to remember that money is not everything in life. There is MORE to life than just going out to earn more money. For once, health is important too so we also need to take time to exercise or do brisk walking etc or to spend more time with our loved ones.
I find that some people worry too much. I don't worry and if you know me you would know that I tend to laugh all the even if I do worry, I would ask myself : What is the worse thing that can happen to me because of THAT worry and then I WOULD REFLECT. If...... it is all about loosing money then I would think. Am I prepared to loose ALL that money ? I would THINK until I got my own answers and then I "let go". Then that worry goes away because it become no longer a worry. so it is then, a chapter closed. this is how I sort out worries. I hope that you can learn maybe from me ?
What do bloggers want ? most bloggers have the same problem - (I came to this conclusion after surfing the net for the past almost 2 months) 1) not enough traffic 2) not enough clicks on their blog ads to generate a decent income so that they can stay at home, do nothing but just BLOG. Most important when you want to BLOG is to find out what is your purpose and whether you are enjoying it or not.
Of course, a blog can make a person FAMOUS over night but we want good fame, lah.

I still haven't decided if I want to be known as a BLOGGER (though I am one) and if I wish to bring my BLOG to compete with others like going for an award. hmm.......just thinking out loud. I would probably join in the most insightful blog award. Well, my dearest readers, when the time come then I decide. I think bottomline is : I don't like to loose. hehe

ON FENG SHUI CASE STUDIES: A pair of white rounded lamps that sits on each gate pillars are also another of my signature fengshui. the white rounded lamps represent the dragon's pearls and they have to be turned on from 7pm till 6am the next morning so that your house is the brightest one on the street and this can attract the Dragon's breath to come to your house. If your neighbour's white lamp is big and round then you had better get a bigger one than your neighbour !!!

ON DESTINY: Our Destiny is fixed. however I have said before it can be altered. For example: by marrying a spouse who can bring you good luck all the time or by wearing a 3D animal pendant round your braclet or round your neck or place them beside you where you are sleeping in order to improve the luck.

After this is done and that you see results, the next step is to invite a fengshui master to your house to check the feng shui. So the fengshui master's role is like a doctor going into the house and then giving you antibotics to cure the house's feng shui.

ON SAVVY INVESTMENTS: How to create more wealth for oneself ? using b) shares. the market has been going down since the last few months. the second half of the year is the time when the ying water rat is the strongest hence controlling the stock market which is of the fire element. when the market goes for the biggest correction, it will be time to pick some real juicy stocks that you have been eyeing. like those that you always play and somehow always make money. you know which one that I am talking about. shoo.......don't let the public know.

Buying shares need timing - Go in at the right timing and also get out at the right timing. ok ? I was interviewed by The New Paper, on this year 2008's predictions and I mentioned that : "to enter today and out tomorrow" concept applies for this year 2008. I also predicted that gold would go up to US$1000 per ounce and oil prices would hit US$100/- per barrel. the interview was done through email and published I think during the first 15 days of the lunar new year. I don't have the hard copy but one client sms me to inform when he wanted to make a booking for a life reading but it was too late for me to go and get a copy. Anyhow, I saw it being published in the electronic New Paper in the net.

TIP: "Spend time with your loved ones"

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STUMPBO said...

MLY, actually i blog just to put down my thoughts and daily happenings,so that it becomes good memories next time, when in case i become senile. Not so much on traffic motivated. Haha!