Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The ultimate happiness is within you

Today, 10, July 2008, Thursday, I went to ubi teckpark office to do readings including one for selection of wedding dates for 2009.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Yesterday, a lady client has invited me for high tea and I sms back, can I have red wine too ? am not trying to sound greedy which I am not but wanted to have a nice drink to go with my food and then chat with her. she is so nice that she immediately agreed. now come the next set of problem when to slot the high tea - well, it had to be done some 3 weeks away on a Saturday because Saturdays are my hot days.

ON FENG SHUI : The first half of the year 2008 is where the yang earth is and is almost going off and it's been really tough especially this last month where the big earth is the strongest and especially if you don't like the earth element. Well, so how's the second half of the year going to be like ? the second half of the year belongs to the "ying rat" and this rat is all about water. there are no other hidden wood or hidden metal inside this rat unlike the coming ying earth, ox in 2009. I will share more with you in my talks at Safra and of course if you don't understand you may ask me in the yahoo groups

LYNN YAP BLOG: Recently I went to do a SEARCH on Singapore Bloggers just to find out what other people are doing and what they are writing. sounds cool but we need to be of International standard - world class then we are blogging to the right path. Gosh, I wonder how many bloggers are out there now (latest count how many ?) and what is the rate of new entrance bloggers per day ? per hour here in Singapore ? sounds cool but good to know so that we are aware of what is happening.

ON DESTINY: There was a lady who once came to see me and told me that after the birth of her daughter, she can feel that her daugher is not close to her. so she ask is there a clash ? I checked the bazhi of both hers and her daughter and said "yes" and promptly advised her to wear a 3 dimensional golden rooster on her braclet or round her neck and now her daughter stick to her like a bubble gum - so sticky.
The case of : how to use the 12 animal signs to benefit us.

ON SAVVY INVESTMENTS: One savvy investment is to c) buy gold, ( I read this website for information on gold) I remembered this year when I tell people to buy gold many people's first response is :"but its so high now". I replied to them : if you can foresee gold in 10 years time to be US$2000 per ounce, would you think that the prices of gold today would be high ?" That made everybody sit up and want to listen more.

This is because most people have already known the past history of gold and many don't know the future of gold. So their comments were based on looking at the black spot on a white paper where gold had already gone up and missed looking at the bigger picture where gold COULD be worth more than US$2000/- per ounce.

Of course, if many of us could see this or predict this future - many of us would be very rich today had we bought gold the last few years.

Many of us - may have missed the opportunity of buying gold then but we did buy gold pendants, gold chains and when we get them converted at today's prices, they would be worth double.

You would remember in one year of fengshuiQueen's tip : You were told to buy a gold pendant chye sen yeh and gold abacus and to promptly put them in your wallet. Well, not only more bonuses came to you or you got a promotion or changed job to a higher pay one but the value of those two gold items shot up !!! and hei, if we cash out today, there is a profit to be made !.......really cool, I thought. I know why people love to read my : weekly thoughts or now my BLOG because I can make them RICH. hehe
So my dearest clients : if you wish to buy gold to keep. wait. it can go down to around US$800/- per ounce then you can go buy some and keep. this time this one is to be kept for 10 years. so use spare money to buy. maybe invest S$5k or if you can afford S$10k and don't touch. 10 years later in 2019, the value of gold would be worth double.
FengshuiQueen's TIP: thru the years!!!
2005 ROOSTER– Carry 88 grains of uncooked rice in a red packet and a gold pendant for good luck and protection for the year 2005 in another red packet.
2006 DOG – Carry a gold pendant abacus in your wallet for more money to count in the year.
2007 PIG - Carry S$500 cash in the zip pouch of your bag so that with more money, you will be able to “attract” more money to come to you.
2008 RAT - Carry a small bagua, size of 20 cent coin in the wallet for wealth, protection and power -
TIP: "When one takes a vow to be a monk or a nun from that day onwards is the begining of a life of complete happiness"

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Hi MLY, wow its my first comments, so excited.

Do we take into consideration our ba zi to know if we can/should invest in gold?