Thursday, July 03, 2008

Where there is transparency, people will TRUST you

Today, as usual, I went to work.

You know ? I have been thinking for quite some time now and wandering if I should tell readers where I go and what I do each day, I mean how many jobs etc.

ON LYNN YAP BLOG: Yesterday, I received an email inviting me to attend a blog function. I turned it down and at the same time leave it open ended so as to give me time to think whether if I am invited again, should I attend. As you probably know......I hardly go and attend dinner functions the last 2 years and whether I want to be well known as a blogger.

I started this BLOG mainly for my clients so that they know what is happening to me, what I do and my thoughts on fengshui, destiny and about life.

Then I started to advertise my BLOG so that I can get more people to come and read about what I do. I wanted a successful BLOG. I wanted that whatever I want to do, it has to turn into GOLD. My ad is still on and in a day, I can get as many as over 100,000 page impressions and 77 clicks on the average a day. So, a couple of clicks each day will add up to my 400 visitors per day or maybe even get more. currently, I am also reading up on how to increase traffic.

My next plan : is to sell something on this BLOG and get an online income using paypal. I don't know if it is going to work. it is still on my drawing board but I guess if I am successful in this, I can conduct a class and I know many would attend. is because you know me and you TRUST me.

ON FENG SHUI BUSINESS : If one does fengshui for a business then after 10 years of being in this business the fengshui master ought to be a millionaire by now. The US$ 1 million can come in the form of properties owned, cash at bank or shares or even gold savings accounts or even an online marketing portal. I am talking about myself and well, I am quite savvy but then last week, I went to buy new clothes and two pair of new GUCCI shoes and then that fengshui master would be deemed as being successful. I hope I am and I think people love a successful fengshui master.
There was a day when I went to do an office fengshui and there was this guy who commented that there are many fengshui masters around and said that I had a lot of competitiors. I LOOKED at him and then smiled. I did'nt want to reply as I wasn't about to start telling him about my corporate projects those that I did etc etc and why I did'nt think I have strong competitors. My strongest competitor is myself. because I should work harder and put more appointments per day..........hehe.....anyhow, why waste time explaining to him ? I have many things to do and to THINK about.

ON DESTINY: Destiny is almost fixed. however I strongly believe that if you do the right things, you can ALTER your own destiny and fengshui can help you keep that job that you are currently on now and even predict your next promotion.
TIP: "How to be transparent is to tell the truth. be honest"


Realty Rider said...

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Wealth Journey said...

"My strongest competitor is myself. because I should work harder and put more appointments per day..........hehe.....anyhow, why waste time explaining to him ? I have many things to do and to THINK about." -

This quote strikes a chord with me. I'm a striking out as a Financial Advisor and most top producers have the same thinking. "Ignore the negative people and just try getting more appointments".

Thus far, it has not been easy for me to face rejection as this is my first "SALES" job. But I'm keeping it positive as we all know the positive people are the ones that ultimately end up being successful.

Kudos to you for a 19yr successful career.

The Savy Investor said...

Wealth Journey

I know where you are coming from. Financial Advisors need to set many appointments a day, maybe see 4 new people and hopefully one will be able to convert into a sale.

All you need is to keep focusing on the appointments, the money will come in later when you least expect it.

When you face rejection, it simply means that they are rejecting what you may be selling and not you. then you will feel better and stay positive and then keep it going.

Some people can be born a Financial Advisor while some not. I hope you are in the right business and if you think you are - then go for it and never give up !!!!