Monday, August 18, 2008

The Five Elements Industry:

Fire Industry:
Properties of fire: it is warm and gives off heat.
Fire industries are those related to electrical products, stock markets, restuarants, lightings shops, fast food chains, bakery shops, accounting firms

Earth Industry:
Properties of earth: it is hard and still.
Earth Industries are those related to properties, human resource, pet shops, chemicals, cosmetics, renovations, developers, agriculture, insurance, construction, cosmetic surgery.

Metal Industry:
Properties of metal: it is hard and piercing.
Metal Industries are those related to banking, machineries and equiptments, law, fortune telling, gold jewellery, robotics, steel.

Water Industry:
Properties of water: Wavy.
Water Industries are those that deal with internet like the dotcoms, consultancy, shipping, transportation, logistics, distribution, tourism, lottery, cold beverages, hotels, shipbuilding, information technology, broadcasting, airlines, oil, marine products, money lending, telecommunications, animation, advertising.

Wood Industry:
Properties of wood: it is hard and grows upwards.
Wood Industries are those related to Government, printing, seminars/events, universities, schools, textile firms, paper, timber and pulp, furniture, fashion, politics, education, hair salons, photography.


Juliana said...

Hi Master Lynn,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and FS tips with us. I read your blog everyday!

Just a question: May I know which element is the toys industry?

Lynn Yap said...

Thank you for your question and many thanks for visiting my blog daily.

Toys fall under the earth element.

Minghui said...

Hi Master Lynn

how about motivational speaker or self-help guru?

What element is this industry and what kind of people are suitable for this industry?


Lynn Yap said...


I will reply your questions in google group, ok ? and nice to see you here. take care.

soj said...

Hi Master Lynn Yap,

Do we chose the same element (Industries) 2 work in or we chose a complementing element? e.g. I'm wood so i chose water