Monday, August 11, 2008

It's raining today......

Today, 12 August 2008 Tuesday, I went down to Harvey Norman to get my new mini HP note book then off to do office fengshui and then to give a baby new born, his chinese names. Remember the baby born on 8 August ? yes !! that's the one.
DAILY THOUGHTS: When it rains and I am outside I do not run but merely walk it is because if one runs then one can fall easily especially if you belong to those who might trip and fall, if you are not careful, so it is better to walk slowly even in the rain. Try it and you would know what I mean.

LYNN YAP BLOG: I am very happy that I can still have close to 700 readers per day. Well, I will be away tomorrow to Indonesia and therefore no blog updates untill I am back on Thursday, 14 August 2008 probably around 9pm then the blog is updated.

If you need help in fengshui or destiny readings or to make an appointment you can still sms me at +65-9685-2718 thanks ! and am still available to you, 24 hours via sms, no matter where I am.

FENG SHUI: One of the basics if you do not wish to invite a feng shui master to your house is to look at where the mirrors and glass cabinet doors are placed. Make sure they are all safely hidden and never in the living rooms, dining rooms and kitchen.

DESTINY: If there is no fire element in you then all your life will always be a happy one as fire to some extent means sadness in life.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: There are two things that I like for investments : 1) is to buy shares the other is to buy properties. Buying property is a better option for me because sometimes one hardly looses money while for the shares, most of the time I loose. Sometimes it is because I am still a newbie when it comes to shares or simply just cannot make it. So it is therefore wiser to : better stick to something more SOLID like a house than shares which is just a piece of paper.

So which one do you find that you have better luck with ? shares or properties ?

TIP:"Whenever it rains it reminds me of home"

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