Saturday, August 16, 2008

To calm your mind is to learn meditation

Today, 17 August 2008, Sunday and as usual I drove my silver BMW and visit my parents.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Thank you to my client who gave me another bottle of red wine, here is the photo taken this morning and wow!!! and this is my 6th bottle after I started blogging.......hehe. Thank you for making my day as I love wine very much as it helps me to unwind after a day's work just sipping red wine and watching tv is to me : "heaven" and "perfect".

The photo also show the traffic secrets 2.0 which I purchased from the website in Yaro Starak to learn how to drive traffic to my blog or even to my other websites. this is how serious I take my blog or even on my new website which is not ready yet. By purchasing this from Yaro's website, Yaro makes money and is called "Affiliate Marketing". This is how anyone can make extra money from "Affiliate Marketing" and which I also already did by offering BLOG Mastermind Course in my blog. Read and see if it suits you as I am just in and learning more about blogging and how to earn more revenue from a blog.

Read this first

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Come on in and join me......let's talk about BLOG !!!
I am now number 14 in the top 15 list for the Affiliate Marketing program for BLOG Mastermind. you don't wnat me to go beyond right ? common.....lets show THEM what Singaporeans can do - that we are united and that we will help our fellow Singaporean. Cheers !!!

LYNN YAP BLOG: Thank you so much for reading my blog daily and I would try to think of something new about fengshui or anything to share with you, ok ? Personally, I enjoy typing or writing and sharing my fengshui secrets with you and very soon I will write about "black magic". Otherwise when I stop practising feng shui, the secret will all be lost or unless I share them with my sons, if they are ever interested, hehe

FENG SHUI: Is there an expiry date on fengshui that had been done ? The answer is "yes" because fengshui will change every 20 years and now we are at Period 8 fengshui from 2003 to 2023 and the Period 9 fengshui will begin on 2024 to 2043.

In Period 7 fengshui 1984 to 2003 - anything that relates to the MOUTH became popular and so people made much money.

Then in Period 8 fengshui from 2004 to 2023 - The HAND becomes popular and so if you are in the hand business, you will make much money, as the fengshui favours it.

Hand Business refers to : handicraft, sewing, clothes, do it yourself furniture, photography, planting crops, agriculture, repair business, do it yourself buffets, construction, writing, internet typing like blogging daily,
nail business, body massages, robotics, lego toys, wrapper round the food, paper fan, oil paintings etc

Period 9 fengshui will relate to the EYE - so small cameras will be in fashion and new inventions to the eye or spectacles etc.

On this note, thank you to those who invited me to give a fengshui talk however due to my schedule I might not be available so didn't wish to commit and maybe next year 2009 and thank you for saying that I delivered my talk well and was well received by the public. those who have heard me speak would know what I mean, I am a different fengshui speaker and Master.

DESTINY: If you are born in the hour of the rooster and your spouse is born in the year of the rooster - then we have a perfect match. Of course there are variations to the rule and I will tell you more.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: If you cannot make it in shares and yet wish to invest in shares for some pocket money then do so for other reason so that you won't feel unhappy when you loose money in shares. investing in shares take courage and uses the brain so when you are old and wish to do this to pass time, it can help keep you sane and got something to do when you retire or unless you want to watch tv the whole day like my parents or my uncles and aunties.

The stock market is going to have a big correction soon after that then it is time to enter and exit by middle or third quarter of 2009. Buy shares where you always make money ok ? and don't try others unless you wish to take risk. For those who know me and my style - you know what I am talking about. shoo..........don't let them know too much.

My yahoo is still down so if you need to email me , then mail to :

TIP:"when your mind is calm, you will not panic when things go wrong and that is important if you wish to succeed in the corporate world"

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smartinvesting18 said...

Master Lynn, so when is a good time to enter the market, when will the correction end? Yesterday I was at INVESTFAIR '08, most panel speakers don't have a good outlook. Thanks