Thursday, August 14, 2008

To have an open mind is to listen to whatever others say to you

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Today, 15 August 2008, friday as usual I went to work.

DAILY THOUGHTS: When I travel and in the plane I have a habit of wanting to sit next to the window so that I can look out and LOOK at the sky or sometimes even to think. this photo is taken from my hotel room in Jakarta and the sleek office tower that you saw in this photo is one of the buildings that I had been to two years ago and one of my favourite office building. I like this building because it has a sharp point like a triangle that can give it power and I love powerful buildings.

LYNN YAP BLOG: When you want to begin to blog you must learn all that is to grow your blog otherwise it is just like a normal blog. There is actually a lot to learn and so little time. A good blog can help you to earn more revenue from the ads in your blog or it can also help you in whatever business that you are in and so your content is also important.

Most important is : The traffic - One needs to drive the traffic to your BLOG and the readers has to come often to read which it then would be termed, a popular BLOG.

FENG SHUI: One of the best method to see if a fengshui master is skillful or not is to see where he or she locates the wealth area of a house or office and whether their clients saw success after that. It is not so important whether the master speaks in english, mandarin or even cantonese or hokkien, most important is - the fengshui has to work.

Once the clients saw their own success because of feng shui they then will
stay with you because they would want to learn more and it's about the true authentic fengshui that was practised by the old masters of yesteryears. Those old ancient old text written by them thousands of years ago.

DESTINY: Destiny goes hand in hand with the fengshui of the house or be it office. This is because we will need to remember that :

There are 5 factors that affect a person's lives :

a) Destiny - It is the first breath a person breathes that the destiny is fixed.

b) Luck - The luck is dependant on the year's animal signs like this year 2008 is the year of the rat.

c) Fengshui - Fengshui only comes in third so it means that even if your house had been fengshuied it did'nt mean that you don't need to work hard since money will fall from the sky - it simply means that after fengshui is done everything becomes smoother and deals are closed more easily than those who did'nt have their house fengshuied or their office.

d) Philantrophy - Be generous and donate money away so as to create more merits for oneself always.

e) Education - To learn anything that interests you from anyone whom you think can benefit you, even learning to be spiritual is a good start.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: How does one start to invest especially when at times are like now ? the first thing is to grow your cash at bank to S$5k and then to S$10k and once you have saved to this amount then it is now time to learn how to invest. If you have not yet reach this amount in your bank then don't even think of investing in buying gold or even in shares. This is because there is a feng shui element to saving money.

You would remember that I said : "Money in your bank can attract more money to come to you"

Therefore, be patient and wait ok ? till you have saved till S$5k or S$10k or even more. After that : you are ready to learn how to invest and you can ask your financial advisors or financial planners as they are trained in this area to help you learn how to manage your money.

TIP: "Let others say something to you and remember don't judge but to have an open mind to listen and then THINK about what the person say to you - did it sound good ? or is it something you can change to be a better person or even a better direction than yours ? then change"

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