Friday, August 15, 2008

Our blog is almost 3 months old !!!

Today, 16 August 2008, Saturday as usual I go to work.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Thank you for your comments to my blog and well wishes. I am sorry if someone sent an email using my yahoo mail to all my friends/clients who are registered in my yahoo membership list, approx 2133 members to ask for money saying that I am in London when I am in Singapore. Well, this incident makes me more wary of anything that can happen to a person's email account, can happen. Thank you to those who sms me yesterday at 1500hours and this morning. One client even called to inquire if I am ok. so, until I get back my password to go in again then I would send out thru my Yahoo Group to inform that I am back !!! if not I will visit the yahoo team in Singapore at Suntec City Tower 4. I hope I don't have to go there.

LYNN YAP BLOG: The purpose of this blog is to share my knowledge on fengshui, destiny, investments and the meaning of life - this would set the motivation for all 700 daily readers to read this blog and we are approaching our 3rd month soon.

FENG SHUI: Yesterday I spoke about the ability of fengshui masters to locate the CORRECT wealth area and after that what happens ? well if after placing a fountain or a small pond in the wealth area then 3 months later one should see result then you will know that the fengshui work already.

And it is polite to give respect to your fengshui master by calling her or him a MASTER, ok ? and this is because only when you have achieved several years of experiences in this field then you are allowed to call yourself a MASTER otherwise you would just be a practising fengshui practitioner. kindly address me as Master in your emails to me, thanks.

Personally, I do not like to see many blogs on fengshui - this is because some of them may not have enough experience in this field and then write all kinds of stories about fengshui and then it will not benefit Singapore at all. this is because fengshui was once a banned word in english and we were not allowed to advertise anywhere. this was back in 1994/1995 or even older. You forgot ? however I was determined to make fengshui as "hip and as cool" as ever and that was how it slowly became accepted till now so I hope people will not abuse it.

Many of you didn't live thru that era because you were not even born yet or simply too young to know. that was what fengshui was like in the english speaking market approx 15 years ago and we have come a long way, baby.......and now and it's blogging, this time.

DESTINY: It's that first breath you breath as a baby that your destiny is already fixed. so whether in this life time, you will be rich or not is also fixed. if you have good karma, you would be born to a middle income family while if not, you are also ok provided you went to the university to get yourself educated.

It is education that will set people apart - the fengshui master with a university education definately will set a standard in this "fengshui business" as our clients and readers are all educated if not even better, they got MBA leh !!!

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: The stock market has a cycle or some people prefer to call it a trend and so it follows a trend and this trend is very closely related to the "fengshui cycle". The share market is going to go down and more down.....just be patient as it hasn't really STARTED to go down yet so I won't be talking about it going up, yet and when.

A client ask me to give a monthly detailed report on the stock market in a newsletter as many investors will be interested. I am still sitting on this as I need to know if this is the direction that I want to go and whether I have the time to do it.

TIP: "Don't throw fengshui away, speak with honesty from your heart"

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Zhang said...

Thanks, Master Lynn Yap

Your fs advice on a real pineapple to be placed together with other fruits on a dining table works!

My parents had just won some 4D monies.

Thank you!