Sunday, August 17, 2008

You will need to develop an insight to things that you read

Today, 18 August 2008, Monday, I went to ubi office for work, 1 baby name and 2 life readings.

DAILY THOUGHTS: This month alone, I have done 3 baby names - 2 boys and 1 girl. I don't think the birth rate this year 2008 is more than last year by a great deal, maybe about the same number of babies being born and is just that I happen to have more babies name to do, recently.

We also have couples who wanted to have children but found it a bit difficult and some did consult me during their life reading sessions while others were when I go to their houses to do house visits and I would normally ask if they are planinng for a child or another child. This is because fengshui can help couples have babies. The fengshui is a bit difficult to do but CAN BE DONE provided they follow the "rules and conditions" of what they have to do, each evening and no, it didn't mean that they must have sex every night. hehe

Two readers sms me to say that when they feel stressed at the workplace they would go and visit my BLOG to see if I can cheer them up or not ?
and of course it's nice if you also have met me in person and consulted me. That way, we are alot closer than those readers who come around and read and read, it is ok as this blog is meant for readers. My target readers is 1,000.

LYNN YAP BLOG: Sometime ago in 2005, a lady client sms me saying that she started a blog and is the author of "life of lopsided 8". At that time my first thought about a blog was : "wah must write daily, no joke" so I thank her and didn't do anything about it till this year, a day after Vesak day, 20 May 2008. I also told her recently when I met her that it is all about timing and that I must feel that it is the right thing for me to do, then I will go and do it.

FENG SHUI: Today, I shall talk about black magic.
"black magic" is a term used to define a spell being cast on another person and this spell is called "black magic". this person will also do silly things or would not be aware of what he or she is doing.

How does one cast a spell on another person ? there are many methods and one of them is to take any item that belong to that person and then use those items to cast a spell. Very often people would take your hairs or your comb or anything that belongs to you and even your nails.

Tomorrow, I will tell you how to cast a spell or what other people do.

DESTINY: Look for the money element in your bazi to determine if in this lifetime you will ever be rich ? ideally is two money elements, too many money elements means that you may loose money or spend them away.

The elements of the week is given so that you can check which day is your money element day and so THAT DAY you can GO BUY 4D so that you can strike more and GOOD LUCK !!!

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: One of my best investment to date must be my Ubi Techpark office which I bought using my company's name in 2004 and it was S$150/- per sq ft while today if I wish to sell it, is worth S$280 per sq ft. At that time the developers throw in a lot of discounts so my downpayment was very small and so I could afford to buy and also because when I see other fengshui masters got their own office, I too want to have my own and when the timing was right for me, I bought it after checking the feng shui that is suitable for me.

Now in Ubi Techpark itself, I have 6 units there, all my FS clients including my own office. These days when I meet any small and medium size companies for feng shui, I would usually advise them to buy their own office unit and I would tell them that it is not expensive to own one. This is because I had already done it by buying my own office and so I know what it is like and so that their company can have an asset too. Currently now in Ubi area the offices there are going for around S$280/- or even S$290/- per sq ft.

I also share with them that "when you go around and do your business and when you tell people that you own your own office" people will naturally look at you, differently. I guess, is because this is, Singapore.

TIPS "When you can read the hidden meaning beneath every sentence that I write or anyone writes, then you are very good already in that you have developed your realisations"


Twilight Zone said...

I tend to agree with almost everything you have written so far. Thanks a million & keep up your excellent work!

Talking about black magic and charms, I have been a victim once by a chinese medium. I have also become a staunch Tibetan Buddhism follower since as the mantras are so powerful to protect me daily from bad spirits and even ill-hearted humans.

Jo said...

How do you know which is your money element ?

Anonymous said...

HI Lynn,

I'm Yang Wood (stem) day person (branch- yang water) and I have Yang Earth in both my year stem and year branch. I also have Earth (and other elements) in my "hidden" stems of hour, month & year. So I be will rich?