Sunday, September 21, 2008

I just heard someone's rooster go cluck a doodle do, on the street where you live

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Today, 22 September 2008, Monday, in the afternoon I would be going down to Bukit Batok to check fengshui for can or cannot buy, 3 units. maybe the market is picking up, I don't know. yesterday when doing my 3 life readings a lady client called me sifu.....and when someone calls me sifu, "wa ho hoi sum"..........."arm teng" lah !! then I give her more tips.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Whatever that we receive from sms or when we hear from other people about any news, the most important is to : remain calm and don't act on it. One question to ask yourself is : did the news affect you ? if not then, ignore. Never be a kaypor if not you may loose some luck.

This is the time to learn how to keep your own luck and don't let others spend it away. This is why my blog logs out those who read and are not my clients as these are the ones who may give negative remarks and negative energy. Question: why should I share my luck with them ? I would rather share them with my clients, even if they are my new clients it is ok because they can soon be my long term clients.

Can you see how many long term clients that I have collected over the years and why ? Let us not be so shallow and play with them at their games. We've got some fengshui standard and we believe that the correct fengshui can work for anybody.

LYNN YAP BLOG: After some negotations, we (my web developer and me) have reached an agreement on how best to do the "daily thoughts" and the fee. coming soon.....akan datang.

FENG SHUI: Sometimes when I am free I would go and read other online forums to find out what is happening in the fengshui market other than mine, just to have an idea or in depth knowledge of what is happening.

DESTINY: I have already shared one of the best kept secret about extending your life. How did I know about this ? well......there was once I was showed a d. certificate and I tally this with the person's birthdate and time and viola. I got it !!! that is why the more years of experiences the fortune teller is, the more "kang hoo"

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Fengshui and stocks do have an impact on one's investment. Fengshui and properties also have another impact. It is up to you to choose to believe in it or not.

TIP:"the street where you live is the estate directly opposite seletar hills, nice quiet serene, heaven !!!"

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