Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Never panic in times of crisis but learn to be strong, this time round

Today, 25 September 2008, Thursday, I went to check fs in Tampiness and then to Dakota Cresent to check another HDB fs.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Everyday I am still receiving sms regarding how to access my blog. This time round, I ask them to mail a cheque to my company's name since they say they missed it so much and they love it. ok, show me the money.

LYNN YAP BLOG: Sometimes I wonder if I am being kind to my fellow Singaporeans would they appreciate me more or my clients from Malaysia ?

FENGSHUI: In the year of the rat, we saw "rats falling down" from a ceiling of a restuarant. in the year of the ox (bull)(cow), are we to see cow falling down ? yes, if your logo got "an ox" on it.

We would probabaly experience the highest rainfall this year of the rat.

DESTINY: There was a lady I met recently and we had a short chat. she told me last year her luck is very good as she make more than a million dollars in profits from her company and another million in property and she says she is very very happy.

From my bazi research on 2007, I know many young single ladies make at least half a million paper profit from their properties. while there are others who actually make more. why so ? when both of them are entering into their 4 money element period.

Do you know the answer ? I tell you, tomorrow. I want to sip my red wine and enjoy channel 107. hehe

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: This is an opportunity to pick some good shares if you are still keen in investing for the longer term. Read their reports, all kinds and then make a decision.

Sometimes I wonder why smaller companies don't want to get themselves listed ? finally I understood why. it is because of a lack of education on financial education, the fear is there.

I usually would not invest into a company if they have no intention to get listed. this is because if a company gets listed that's where my shares have value and is easily transferable but if the company do not wish to get listed then I may be stuck with the money in the shares and the only way is when the company gives me the profits and equal to my investment value then these shares will be free and a big BONUS. can that day happen and fast ??

FSQ DAILY FENGSHUI TIP: If green is your lucky colour then when you change your fifty dollar note and if there is a green colour S$5/- that means that you are still in good luck.

TIP:"this time is different because the value of money lost would be greater than anything else"

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Twilight Zone said...

Your Malaysian fan here truly appreciates you. I was worried that if I over praise you, others think I kiasu. I often agrees with all your thoughts without bias.