Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rats, I can't even drink goat's milk ?

Today, 28 September 2008, Sunday, I brought my parents to Warren Country Club to have tim sum and then went down to Amithba Buddhist Centre to do a recitation of the sutra of Golden Light then home.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Anyone wants to drink "cow"'s milk ? if we can't drink "cow"'s milk, maybe we should drink "goat"'s milk. Oh...I forgot next year is the year of the "ox" (cow) which will clash with the "goat". Rats !!!

LYNN YAP BLOG: I just received a cheque from Google and it is more than s$150/-, not bad eh ?

FENG SHUI: Tell you a fengshui joke : one day when I was on my way back in a taxi and upon arrival the taxi driver said : "oh your house has been fengshuied"..............I looked at him with a grin and said "Yes, uncle, I am the fengshui master". You should see the look on his face after that.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Some people always focus on money and so they tend to focus on the money in as their salary and then the money out as their expenses and then they will tell themselves that they can't save money. I told them to take a calculator and start counting where all their money is and I said to them : "Some people can make the biggest money from properties and so next time when they wish to sell their property the money is all there" and that includes their cpf money.

I also tell them that : "money in and money out now is a temporary situation now as she has two growing up children to attend to and the kids will definately need money at this stage. I told her to look at the bigger picture where all her money is and to save later next time when she can or to do that "pay yourself first" method and to start saving a little at a time now. I usually tell them to start with S$50/-

TIPS: "The year of the ox will come and clash with the goat"

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