Monday, October 06, 2008

The Cow goes moo moo as he runs up to the moon with a bell

Today, 7th October 2008, Tuesday, early morning went down to Joo Koon Area to check feng shui for a factory.

DAILY THOUGHTS: As we are approaching the year of the ox, bull, bull frog, cow.......whatever you are experiencing now is what you are going to experience next year. what happen to you today ? busy or very free ?

FENG SHUI: PART II: How to fengshui your office desk ?
1) Make sure where you are seated there is a wall behind you - so that you can have support from bosses and customers.

2) Make sure that you are seated in a nice corner and hence less turbulent qi flowing towards your desk otherwise you will have un ending troubles.

3) If you can ensure that your table is L-shaped with one side touching the wall to give you support and power.

4) The CEO always should have the biggest desk in the whole office - ensure that it is about 7ft or 8ft long and is solid.

5) Never sit directly facing the door of the office or you will soon be fired and be the first one to go.

6) Never sit with a small server behind you - the glass door of the server is like a mirror and is bad.

7) Ensure that there is no beam directly above the work desk or you will have full of work pressures. place a small convex mirror to bounce it off.

8) Ensure that your desk is messy as it denotes that you are very busy at work and have no time to pack, "keke" also good.

DESTINY: Do you have destiny with me ? in fact, we are all inter-related and connected in some ways or another and since you are my clients, we are therefore related to some extent and have destiny.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: If you want to have luck in striking lottery or making money from stocks, you would first need to have merits. Merits is derived from the Good Deeds that you do. It can be helping someone or even buying that person a meal or simply donating money to charity.
Did you do any recently ? then you can make money this time round from the stock market.

TIP:"After he moo moo then he will go hee hee and we will all make money, together"

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