Friday, October 31, 2008

Is the market at the lowest already ?

Today, 1st November 2008, Saturday, I went to ubi office to do an off site fs for a house in Australia and 2 annual reviews and then off to Simei to check fs for a HDB flat.

DAILY THOUGHTS: These days , "stock analysts" focus on the "cash at bank" in most listed companies and then make their analyses.

The months ahead are not going to be rosy especially the next 3 years hence those companies who aways had "a philosophy of staying trim and lean" will do well to weather the storm that will last for 3 years and would therefore still be profitable or at least breakeven. I may be just stating a fact but these are what I "read into the future" and what I would like to share with you so that your own knowledge can grow. And you can plan for your future too.

FENG SHUI: Some of my clients love to play 4D and when they strike they get very happy and say that my fengshui work. Is this what fengshui is all about ? To some extent "yes" and to some, "no". This is because : the philosophy behind fengshui is : "it is alive", it depends on how you use the "water" to activate what ?

I shall give you an example: Suppose you know where the "sickness energy" is in your house and then you go and place a "water feature" (like a 4ft long fish tank) to activate sickness and then you can fall very very sick and even get cancer. Do you want to try this and prove me wrong ? Go ahead.

This year, the sickness energy falls in the SE sector of the house however some clients who bought the hulu found that it didn't work and so she called me to visit her house one sunday afternoon this year and I discovered that they forgot to remove the cover of the hulu and the plastic bag that wraps on the hulu so : how to work ?!!!!

If you bought one and didn't work too well then buy 2 hulus and 2 vases and place them together in the SE sector - this is kaisu fengshui and sure to work !!! sometimes your hulu can be too short. Ideally should be about 6inches tall, bronze and can stand on the floor. I don't use the wooden one.

BTW, I am quite well known for being "a kiasu fengshui master" in that I would always add a double "dosage of antibotiics" to your house or my fengshui solutions.hehe

DESTINY: Some people are good with figures while there are those who don't like to read figures. all these are bazi related. I belong to those who don't like to read figures but have no choice as it is the ONLY way to learn how to keep wealth and to grow. For me, my wealth will all be given to my children and I would just keep some aside for myself.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: It is good to set aside some money and put in shares. The best bet so far would be those that are good for your bazi. However, if you just wish to buy any stock then go in to those "Reits" that own buildings or offices would be a safer bet.

Property stocks like those of developers may not do well, the next 3 years. hence if you just wish to buy and make profit then this stock is out. However, if you plan for a long term stock then it is good to enter now and "keep buying till 2019" where property stocks can make big money and then exit because another crisis will come in the next year of the rat/ox (2020/2021) .

Once, we live through a cycle and "analyze figures and trends" and by putting our money there too then we can learn and grow to become wiser and then know what to expect from the future and so we can safeguard ourselves.

Yesterday, my client ask me if any of my clients lost money in the minibonds and I said "no" so far none told me about it but most lost money in stocks, yes that one have. All because : we went in too early however it is good to note that we are not all alone.

If I want to keep my money in stocks and to keep for the next 10 years till 2019 is to buy earth stocks or wood stocks then by 2018 the year of the dog, they will "all" rise in value and I can then cash out.
Imagine : that you own wood stocks bought at 20cents and in 10 years time they go to one dollar, can you just see" how much profit you can make with each lot ? and mutliply that by 100 lots or even 500 lots. That would be S$100k or $500k by then. This is what I would be doing for the next coming 10 years - just buy and keep.

TIP:"Yes, but not all is over - two weeks later got another drop"

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