Wednesday, November 12, 2008

When you have kindness in your heart and you live your life for others

Today, 13 November Thursday, I only have one annual review and this , the lady client suggested going to Wine Network at Dempsey Road and I agreed. The time : 2pm. Wah drinking at this hour.....really cool eh ? Yeah lah, only Master Lynn would be doing that.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Every morning when I wake up, I would be full of energy and getting ready for work. Work can be going to ubi office to do readings or to parts of Singapore to visit clients. I do not work at all hours or a fixed time frame. Bottomline is : I get paid for my work and would usually give them more than what is necessary in terms of advice as I want them to grow rich as well as "spirituality", the so called : fengshuiQueen culture, it is this community that we belong to and that works for many of us.

FENG SHUI: Actually I have turned down a few talks for 2009 already. I remembered many years ago, when I wanted more people to get to know fengshui better I did many many talks as many as 30 in a year. That time, feng shui very hot. After a couple of years as fengshui became more popular then of course, many others also came and started this business. After learning from some courses and then they start this business. well, it is fine as long as their intention is to help people and not to harm them.

Anyhow, destiny will come into play - that is whether you will be my client or their clients. if you are already my clients then you have to know that we have destiny while if you are other master's clients then you probably have destiny with them and maybe with me, next time.

I always have this belief that : "nothing is impossible for me". when I want to do it, I will.

DESTINY: Last week a client came to see me for her annual review and she told me that factories in China are already closing their factories and shutting their doors because of "no business". and that means people are being retrenched there. If it happens in China, it can happen to all parts of the world and that is scary. Well, the only thing to do is : MUST do FENG SHUI lah, sure got business.

In fact when economy is down or up - fengshui business do roaring business. this kind of business is definately "recession proof". Clients who have consulted our consultancy would not have to worry because they are sure to have business and even if they are facing some problems, it is usually related to their management style and their cash flow management and not feng shui related.

What I saw most frightening was the : opening of too many restuarants in Singapore and with hefty rentals, in times like these, how can they survive ? and I find spending over $15/- for a spicy soup and rice too expensive for lunch and the rice can't even fill my stomach at these food outlets while I usually go to "kopti tiam" and have my brunch and don't order drinks, just food only. I can save alot of money and then invest them in stocks. I have been doing this the last 5 years.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: I remembered in year 2006, year of the dog that year I predicted that the METAL industry would make the most money that year and they did. Example of Metal Industries includes banks, or companies dealing with steel, metal.

In year 2007, year of the pig, I predicted that the WOOD Industry would make the most money that year. True enough stocks that deal with palm oil, education, seminars, books and stationary, textiles, clothings, paper did very well. The economy for 2006 and 2007 (especially this one) was excellent.

In year 2008, year of the rat, I predicted that the WOOD industry would make the most money this year. Stocks that deal with palm oil, education, seminars, books and stationary, textiles, clothings and paper will again do well.

Economy for 2008 - not so good because of "money matters". Plus, we must also read these together with the "five yellow" energies in the NORTH this year and what can happen or already happened.

We all knew that the stocks will have the biggest fall this year and so we waited till October before we went in. although at this point we may loose money but look at the bigger picture, we bought these stocks at a "steal".

Now, we only hope to see the next 3 years, how the economy can perform and then we would know which year, we can cash out and make money.

If you want to know : Of the 5 categories of industry, which industry will do well in year 2009 ? come to my "Predictions talk 2009". The first one is going to be on 8 Jan 2009. I will announce it later who invited me and you just go, but I think not open to public. If I can accurately predict for 3 years running, I think I am on the RIGHT TRACK.

1) year 2006 - metal.
2) year 2007 - wood.
3) year 2008 - wood.

And I currently own 70,000 shares in one "wood industry", putting my money there where I predict and that suits my bazi. so that when I talk about shares will know what I am talking about. Not just "chez shan tang pin" ( talk on paper, talk only) (mandarin).

We may see a "mini bull" around Jan and Feb 2009, however I am not selling my shares. I would wait for the "mini bull" to be over and then down and down again then I enter again. you "bull" with me ? however if you wish to sell, go ahead, make some money then say I very "chun" is good enough for me.

Give you a fengshuiQueen tip: "Never place a horse stature inside your house or unless "fire" is your "money" element in your bazi then you can put one. if not it can mean things will be runing away from you and it depends if the horse has one leg up or 2 legs up etc. even paintings of 9 horses are out"

I know of a man whose money element is fire and he as a stature of 9 horses running together on his desk. one day, his boss walked in and saw that new horses and asked for them and took away his wealth because he did'nt know how to say no to his boss. then I offered him a new "fengshui tip"to gain back his luck. the fengshuiQueen strikes again.

Oh tell you a joke : One of my male client said he wanted to be a monk and get away from it all. I studied his chart and said to him : you won't be a monk and if you do, you will be a very "naughty" monk. you would be going to look at all the nuns in the nunnery next door !!! so you better don't be a monk and tarnish their reputation. we had a good laugh !!! happy ??? I will lead the way to 2009 and we are going to have a happy 2009 n quietly pop champagne in our "fengshui homes" despite the slowdown in economies for the next few years. let us live one year at a time, ok ?

FSQ NOTE : For year 2009 : just look at how forgetful people get. then laugh at them but make sure you are not forgetful or careless, eh ?

TIP:"many good things will come to you because of your compassionate heart"


Homely Guy said...

Hi, Master Lynn,

My wife and I already registered for your talk on 10 Jan 2009 at Safra Mount Faber.

Can't wait to hear your predictions for 2009 ... Heehee

Looking forward to seeing you.

Take care and cheers :)

Lynn Yap said...

Homely Guy

Thank you to you and your wife for your support. I would be most delighted to see you there, just tell me your nickname is "homely guy" cause I would'nt know who you are.

Homely Guy said...

No problem ... You deserve our support :)

Homely Guy is Eric lah ... and my wife is Homely Gal ... hahaha, i give her one, she dun know yet, so dun tell her ;P

I just sms you a couple of days ago, about paying through paypal for your new blog mah ... hope you remember

We went to you for annual review for 2009 in Aug 08, i think ... Wow, 3 months already, time flies

Always good to chat with you, even about making babies ... My wife and I are trying hard now ;)

Lynn Yap said...

Homely Guy

You work in a "water element" Industry. I know who you are now especially when you mention the part about "making babies", yes and that paypal payment.