Monday, February 16, 2009

"A beautiful woman shines like a polished diamond"

Today, 1st March 2009 Sunday, I am going to work and is a long day.

FSQ DAILY THOUGHTS: How have you been ? busy ? I hope which is a good sign.

SINGAPORE FENG SHUI LYNN YAP BLOG: There will always be competition in life and it is how we deal with that every day and every single minute of our life to make ourselves still feeling happy. Cheers !

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What makes Singapore woman beautiful ?
1) It is not the fat or thin body mass that makes someone look beautiful for beauty is inside and it can transcend the body mass to give it a "beautiful aura" around her, that is beautiful.

2) A beautiful woman should ideally be tall. height is usually a criteria that people judge for someone who can carry her gown well and walk with grace rather than like dragging a long piece of cloth wrapping around the body.

3) A beautiful woman should ideally be a mother - that way she is a full fledged woman.

4) A beautiful woman should be admired by most men of all types, shapes and sizes and across all borders.

5) A beautiful woman should have character - that character can be read from a person's face. She should treat everyone equal and with respect in public and at private. Sharp nose denotes a good business sense. beautiful eyes denotes intelligence. Don"t have ? go under the knife.

6) A beautiful woman should have that X factor - not many women carry themselves well in public. some do but most don't. Personally, I would like all women, Singapore women to have that X factor which is usually born with but if you train yourself to have that x factor, you too can learn to carry yourself well in public and walk "tall".
7) If it is about a beautiful Singapore woman then that woman has to be born in Singapore, ideally born, bred and educated here, post graduate overseas education would also be ideal to give her a broad exposure to other women all over the world. She should therefore be an intelligent lady.
8) A beautiful woman should be admired by her own peers, the women in Singapore. This is a plus factor. When a woman is beautiful, she is polished and educated and have that air of confidence.

FENG SHUI: When was the last time your house was fengshuied ? and when was the last time you had a house review ? Ideally, one should do it once every two years so that at least you know which direction you are going from now and your plans for your future like buying a new investment condo etc or planning for a second career or to have some retirement fund.

However, not every body has the luxury to retire early unless you plan your path early or that your parents help you then you will be able to obtain financial freedom earlier.

Financial Freedom means that your "last house" is fully paid so that you are free from debts. After that, you will need to have some "passive income" coming to you every month so that you don't have to work a single day.

DESTINY: Many times people want to have this, want to have that. it is because something that is not attained, all becomes so precious to them. However, once you obtained it (example is a LCD Tv) then what do you would take that thing for granted rather than appreciating how difficult it is for those productions workers who work so hard to produce this LCD Tv for you.

Destiny is learning to let go finally once you have mastered your own bazi and then learn to live life happily every day. Can ? Ask yourself : what is the ONE thing that you would be most afraid of ? it would have to be your health because a good health is wealth then the rest of your "wants and needs" are just secondary and not the most important in life.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Are you a saver or a spendthrift person ? Children would not know how to reply this but you can help them to identify whether they are this or that. while for yourself, you should know. If you, yourself don't know then how can you expect your child to know ?

You must have something to show your child for example : if you say that you are a saver then live by that example and tell your kids, how you save money. Every first day of the month, tt (or transfer) some money over to another savings account where money goes in and don't come out (no cheque books, no atm card).

FSQ TIP: "A raw diamond can also be polished to be a beautiful diamond"

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