Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The leaves said that all will be well but not so soon

Today, 1st April 2009 Tuesday, I will be going to do a house review at Adam Road, then off to town to do an office feng shui.

FSQ DAILY THOUGHTS: How have you been ? busy as usual ? like the taxi drivers on the road ? Competition is getting tougher and one needs to re-invent the business even in feng shui to stay connected with the "loyalty customers" through Facebook, Twitter, Forum or in Blogs. It's a great way to connect particulary if most of your clients are IT savvy.

SINGAPORE FENGSHUI QUEEN LYNN YAP BLOG: Our fengshuiqueen.com website has been on page 1 and sometimes page 2 of Google search engine for "feng shui". We are most happy to be there. Thank you, Google and all its team members for making me, very very happy. "wa hou hoi sum" !!!

FENG SHUI: I read somewhere that your list of customers can be an aaset to the Company. Well, your list of clients CAN reveal what sort of a feng shui master, you are.
FENG SHUI TIP to get a job interview : Take veg food for 2 weeks or for that day only, till the phone call comes or if your house has been fengshuied by me, check the "power sector" of your house and place a lighted candle there. Within 3 hours, your mobile phone will ring and is usually a good call or who knows a job interview !!!

DESTINY: Want to know more about your own destiny and what are your lucky colours or what ornaments to wear for that extra Good Luck so that you can have a "competitive advantage" over others since competition is getting tougher and tougher ? Just remember that : nothing stays "still" or the same forever, everything in life is moving and changing.
SAVVY INVESTMENTS: When the market is down around 7th lunar month, this is the best time to get some good blue chips and hold till year 2012, the year of the Dragon then to cash out or hold longer till year of the pig, 2019 in order to make money from stocks and Good Luck !!!
FSQ NOTES: Oil prices has been stable hovering around my predicted US$40/- to US$50/- per barrel. It won't reach US$100/- per barrel this year.
Gold has been steadily climbing but by 22 October 2009, the price of gold should drop to around US$850/- per ounce because next year is a metal (gold )tiger, 2010 year but this is an injured tiger with crouching claws where property prices will fall the steepest because "wood" controls the "earth" which is property. The good news is : "metal" controls "wood", therefore the property price fall, will not be very steep.

FSQ TIP: "have to wait, my dear"


Anonymous said...

MLY, do we still have to wait to July this year to buy shares or is it still ok to buy now? The economy is still not good but yet the share prices keel going up recently.
Please advise.

Lynn Yap said...


It is alright to buy shares now for the medium term that is till year 2012the year of the Dragon to let go if not wait till 7th lunar month then enter. However, you must be ready by 22 October as by then the stocks are going to go up and if you miss the boat that's it.

If you have read my Predictions for 2009, I said that "with good news the stocks will rise and with bad news the stocks will fall" and all these are now happening and is never was a "calm Year for the stock market". It fact it is anything but calm. it is "volatile".

Economy will start to recover earliest from October 2009 right till first half of 2010 and it will be the USA, the first nation to grow and once that happens, our country, Singapore will be good.

Hang on for a little while but don't miss the boat.

My predictions have been true for the last 5 years, if you happen to have read the slides of my past "predictions" which explains why to this day, have many followers of my brand, "fengshui Queen".