Saturday, May 16, 2009

"Where there is a mountain qi stops"

Today, 16 May Saturday : The weather looks good.

FSQ DAILY THOUGHTS: How have you been ? did you buy any stocks before the small "bear rally" and sold last week ? if you have missed this again then better don't miss the last correction for this Ox year.
SINGAPORE FENGSHUI BLOG LYNN YAP: Many people are using their Twitter account to get more traffic to their blog. But first of all, when you write a blog, you have to ask yourself why do you write ? what is your purpose ? and when you have a Twitter account : what is your purpose also ? you can join my Twitter updates at

FENG SHUI: If you ever need to close a big deal or to sell your shares, you must do something extra and then it will be sold or you can get your deals closed.
Here are 5 ways you can do EXTRA other than your "wealth pond" in the house :
1) Take veg food only until the deal is closed -
2) Buy a new small table top fountain and place it next to your pond - this fountain should not have a "crystal ball" rolling or something that goes "up and down" (movement) in the fountain if not the feng shui won't work.
3) Go buy a 3 legged bronze frog and place him on the floor looking at the window to tap in the good qi to come to you -
4) Letting go of animals - this is another good method
5) Light a small candle and pray to the open sky and then place the lighted candle on the coffee table in the living room - prayers can move the Heaven above but you must be "specific in your prayers".
DESTINY: A "tiger" hour (3am to 5am) male has roving eyes - you believe ladies ? Ever dated a man with those time ? hehe

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: We are into the yang fire period (25 April to 23 May)(snake) and then the two ying fire periods (24 May to 21 July)(horse) - during these period : Any good news it goes up fast but it can also go down fast because of negative news. Take note and becareful. For more updates : follow me in Twitter.
FSQ TIP: "where there is water, qi stops too. Good or Bad they stop"


Anonymous said...

Dear Master Lynn Yap,

Thank you for the kind and good advice! :)
I would like to consult u on how about those people with a lot of wood, can they take vegetarian as well?
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Master Lynn,

I refer to your comments on May 16 FSQ Daily Thoughts. I think your comments are contradictory on the stock market. First you mentioned that we are experiencing "bear rallies". Then you said that there is another "last corection". If there is a
last correction", this means that the market will go into a good bull run after that. Then how can this be a "bear rally". This will also make the current one a non-bear rally. Please be clearer. Are we experiencing "bear rallies" or are we experiencing a new bull run with a couple of corrections?
Best Regards,
Wayne rooney

Lynn Yap said...

Wayne rooney

I don't think you are my client and therefore are new to me and what I predict. I can understand where you are coming from.

If you wish to know about my full predictions, kindly go to the slides at the side and read about what I predict for this year's stock market movements, 2009.

I am not a stock trader and hence may not use terms that you are familar with while I am not familar with (but I am learning) and I don't contradict. What probably happens is that : Some people may mis interpret.

Bottomline is : I just wish for all to prosper and I write about them daily in my private blogs.

The 3 months of fire like now is a period where : any good news it goes up and any bad news it goes down. At that time last week, the shares went up, we sold. I was hesitating but then I sold only this week.

In the stock market, there isn't any "last correction", don't you think so ? there will always be up and down and how anyone termed it : is up to the person who says it. I shall refrain from using this in my public blog since it causes confusion.

The best timing to get into stocks again is : after 17 November though after 20 August can be a good time too to go in but you may not get the very bottom of any stocks and if my use of "bear rally" causes you some disturbance, I am sorry again, it was'nt meant to be. I am a fengshui expert not a professional day trader.

I hope this clears it up.

Anonymous said...

Dear Master Lynn,

Thanks for your quick reply. Actually I am indeed a FS client of yours. My intention was just to innocently comment that the terms you used were contradictory.

I understand that you predict that market will go up soon in Q3. If this is so, therefore it is assumed that the market has more or less bottomed up. Therefore the recent rally cannot be called a "bear rally". When we are talking of bear rallies we are referring to rallies in a declining market. Therefore such rallies are often termed a "bear trap". One will be stucked once the rally is over for a long time.

However if we are near the bottom, then the curent rally may observe corrections but it is ok since we are in a ascending market soon and there is no "bear trap" or "bear rally".

I read your comments in ernest since I am a stock player. That is why I wanted to comment on the contradictory comments. There are "jargons" in every topics (like the stock market) that have specific meanings and therefore cannot be misconstrued.

Just some innocent comments of mine.
Hope you had a good weekend!

Lynn Yap said...

Thank you for your kind comments.

SY Lim said...

I have visited one of your talk in Greenridge Shopping Centre(Bukit Panjang area) and was lucky to be one of the winner to win a lucky "jade". :)

I an wondering if I have missed the chance to get private property at a good price because my friend was telling me that the price is going up now and I have missed my chance.

May I know what is your view in the next few months for property? or what is the next best timing to get a private property?

Thanks a lot...

Lynn Yap said...

SY Lim

First of all, thank you for taking the time to attend my talk at Greenridge shopping centre organised under the HDB Fengshui Seminars.

There is no right or wrong timing when it comes to buying properties. Some people are destined to buy property at the wrong timing and hence loose money unless they have the advice of a "learned man" or "fortune teller" in the old days.

The property prices have not gone REALLY REALLY down yet and it will come "down" the second half of next year, 2010, tiger year when those who cannot hold any longer will start to "throw". You can start buying a property in 2010 or 2011, year of the rabbit. These would be the better timing to buy properties.

The reason is : these two years (tiger and rabbit) are "wood" years and "wood" will come and control "property" which is "earth" and so prices of properties have to fall in order to sustain the business.

It is the same concept for the "water industries" this year where the "earth" (year of Ox is earth) comes to control our "water industries" and hence these industries find it very difficult to get business. Therefore, there will be "price wars" in order to get more new business.

Water Industries are those in transportation, logistics, trading, pub, entertainment, telecommunications.

However, one has to remember that these are the "industries economy data" but one has also have to remember : What about your own "personal economy" ? So the CEO's bazi, the one who runs these industries can also determine its own industry's fortune.

Good Luck in your search for properties and who knows by the time you find yours, it is already close to next year, 2010.

SY Lim said...

Dear Master Lynn,

Thanks for your advice and kind words.

SY Lim

Sean Toh said...

Hi Friends,

Very interesting and informative. Thanks again, Lynn for the wonderful information!

Yours Sincerely
Sean Toh
Author of " 4 Steps To Financial Freedom "

Anonymous said...

Dear Master Lyn,
do you think the stock market will sustain or crash in 2010? Some people say there may be a downturn. If so, when should I get out?