Sunday, January 03, 2010

The unconditional love from our parents

Somehow, I find that only our parents give us *unconditional love* the same way I give unconditional love to my two children. However, we tend to expect much or try to change our spouse or friends around us. That kind is usually not *unconditional love*.

For me, unconditional love means : loving them the way they are, accepting their flaws, their strengths and helping them to the best of my ability.

Special mention to a client's son who knows all my feng shui tips yesterday morning and said : "Never paint the walls yellow" ;) Aunty Lynn is very very pleased n happy. I like to see people around me, happy..........happy, because their mind is "peaceful".

Over the years, many of my clients had prospered, shift houses, bigger and better valued ones and they are happier lot too in fact, maybe even more happy than me :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi, may I know e reason behind "dun paint walls yellow" ? What if i already have my walls newly painted with yellow ? Is there anything I can do ? Thanks for your advice.