Monday, February 15, 2010

Thank you for your over 104 sms !!!

Thank you for all Happy Chinese New Year Greetings :

They are from : xx97, Dutta India,
xx27,xx25,xx33,Angela,xx09,Desmond,xx29,Jeff & Family, xx05,xx78,Lawrence,xx89,xx27,xx86,xx14,Marian & Family,xx61,xx78,xx10,xx27,xx83,xx56,Adrian Bay & Family,xx55.

Foo TC, xx58,xx08,Paul,Alan,xx50,Christine,xx58,xx92,xx98,
Elizabeth, xx36,xx95, xx35,xx13,xx13,xx39,Victor, xx88, Melissa, xx43, Garrik,
Fred,xx28,xx22,xx17, xx40,xx88,xx27,Henry,xx68,
xx72, xx15,Linda, xx16,xx88,xx97, Ronnie, Hendrik, Winnie, xx80,xx71, xx80,xx66, xx79,xx68,xx31,Jenn, xx87, xx08, Jean, Lawrence
Quek & Annie, xx19, xx38, Joanne, xx99, xx73, xx85, xx91,Juliana, xx69, xx71,xx46,
Mary,xx11,xx43, xx98,xx95,xx19,xx07,xx99, xx19,Teoh n Family, xx68, xx55, xx23.
Many thanks to the numerous emails and Facebook's chat's messages. Thank you so very very much, I am fine.

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Teo said...

Trust that you have had a busy yet bountiful LNY.
Wonder if you could give us a good tip on shares etc... before you close your private blog? Stock Market has not been good lately ...