Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Good Morning !

Hi.....how have you been ? well, I was kept busy with work, still working 7 days but not all the time only certain hours only lah. So there are also many free hours in between for me to rest, listen to my Ipod, taking photos with my Iphone, reading my dharma books or even sometimes meditating ;)
Oh...........I have good news for you, I will be travelling to Tokyo Japan for 4 days in early November and would be escorted. I hope to get in touch with Japan Publishing, the Company that translated and published my fengshui book in Japanese which is still on sale at Amazon.com. Just wana say "hi" that is all. I love Japan and would expect a pleasant trip, you can be sure I would be visiting their temples ! Seems like this year brings me to a couple of places like Guangzhou, China, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Leh,Ladakh, India and now to Tokyo, Japan.
Give you a fengshui Queen SG, Master Lynn Yap tip:
If wood is your most favourable element, then buy a cabbage, green in colour and placed it in your freezer and please don't eat it ! hahaha
FSQ NOTE: Many people follow my fengshui tip, so if you think this is crazy, try it yourself and once you see the results, your belief in fengshui will set in. Many years ago, not many people believe in fengshui but look at it now.....today. Out of 10 people you meet, I think at least 1 is a believer of fengshui.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Master Lynn Yap, thanks for your kindness and generosity in sharing the fengshui tip for wood. How abt tips for others if the favourable elements are fire, earth, water and metal? Thanks! :)