Thursday, September 02, 2010

Is friendship important to you ?

Last night at around 10pm a lady called and asked me to write more in my blog. Well, today's post is for you, dear Mary.
We are going to talk about "friends" :
I wonder how many close female friends do you have ? well, if you are a female maybe one or two is good enough and if you are a male, also one or two is good enough. There is no need to please all your friends because this is the "reality of life".
What is "real" and what you "think" in your thoughts can be very different. Why have so many friends ?Some friends can make you "sick" (can't stand) and waste alot of our time. Hence, I tend to choose my friends and categorize them. level 1 is inner circle. level 2 is drinking kaki or buddhist friends. level 3 is hi hi friends.
What makes a "good" friend ?
1) A good friend is someone who understand you and accept you - a good friend should not be someone who tries hard to change you but rather understands and stand by you.
2) A good friend should be someone who makes you laugh - there are some friends that I like to meet because they can really make me laugh until my face go "chee chee" (green). Not green with envy but turned green because of laughing too much ! haha. Yesterday, I did 5 life readings : the morning session clients make me laugh and the evening session one makes me laugh too. My clients kept me wondering if that was the right thing to do, laughing with them hehe. But I can tell you that laughter breaks the "ice" ^_^
3) A good friend is someone who treats you well regardless of status - You know ?..........there are some people who tend to look down on you when you are not doing well and even shun or run away from you. These are not the good friends. Best is to ignore them.
4) A good friend should be someone you can trust and they never betray you when you have given them, that "trust" - Trust is earned and not bought. The same goes with "respect" which is earned and not paid. Sometimes, I see parents not respecting their children or even helping them make decisions then these children will grow up not knowing how to think for themselves and they naturally grow up not knowing how to respect their parents nor even their friends.
5) When friendship involves money, it can become complicated - a good friend is one who can share some money with you or even to part some money to help when times get rough or someone who always buy you food, dinner or even lunch and is always not just once or twice and if you have a friend like that and if you feel so grateful to them, then you are being silly because you may tend to think they are very nice to you but actually they are not. Some people have "hidden agendas" unless they are buddhist then maybe not.
6) A good friend is someone who gives you good advice just when you needed them -
7) A good friend is someone who is principled - when they promise you something they deliver and not turn away from you when you needed them the most.
8) A good friend is one who will not say nasty things to you or even trying to belittle you - Everyone has a "mouth" and their mouth can be very nasty ......well they own that mouth and as long as you keep your own mouth closed and speak only when needed to, you will do well, dear
FSQ NOTE: Personally, I do not have any close female friends as I prefer to being alone in my thoughts so that none of my girlfriends will ever have a chance to betray me (my destiny) but I have one male friend whom I trust and talk to at times ^_^This is not very buddhist haha but I speak from my heart. Have a good day and a great weekend !!!


Twilight said...

All the points are so true. I have so many hi-hi friends and they were often disastrous beings! So had to lie low to attain peace! You are too famous and tactful, sure know how to 'siam' when needed to. I hope you won't ever 'siam' me one day. :)

Lynn Yap said...


Haha.....I hope not :)