Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Love is when you are my world and my world is you"

Today, 16 September 2010 Friday - Gosh it is Friday and off to work soon, 2 appointments but I can tell you as a fengshui master I am usually busier on weekends.
Singapore Fengshui Blog - Thank you to many friends/clients (each day about 190 visitors) who come and read about what I write here and especially to a young 18 year boy, son of my lady client whose condo I visited this week. She told me her son read my blog ! AH ! Gosh ! (my face getting red) and told his mum to record the whole fengshui process ! wah.....Young Man : Master Lynn has this to say to you : Study hard, get a good degree and then give back to society. be someone useful. Good Luck !
FSQ NOTE: For all those single ladies, if you do want romance in your life, you need to focus on it and get as many help as you possibly can (including fengshui help or wear what and what ) and the right one will come your way sooooon and when the timing is right.
I have an additional request for you : if he earns less than you and do not have a University education, would you still love him ? or if he wants to marry you but could not afford to buy a house to shelter you, then how ? you have to "Tiat" (hokkien for pay) for all household expenses etc etc......would you still say you love him ? My advice : please say, you do. Your mindset towards happiness in a marriage need to change.
And, it takes more than just love to make a marriage work, my dear. There is give and take, there is unconditional love, good healthy communication is a must and some humor to spice things up.
The only time I advise a lady to say no is when he is a gambler this is because he can spend away all your hard earn savings and there is no end to that. this type of man, better not marry, go find another one lah ! Just make sure you still got "market value" eh ?

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