Sunday, September 12, 2010

September Morning......

Today, 13 September 2010 Monday - I can't wait to go to work and also to complete my chanting of 10,800 times of The Medicine Buddha Mantra. My buddha counter on my Iphone states 9754.........still got quite a way to go (singlish)
Singapore Fengshui Blog : It's been sometime since I started writing often again and hope you will enjoy all the fengshui tips that I wish to share. These tips are all my personal experiences with "fengshui hands on experiences" which is probably about more than 20 years already since I am 51 this year. When I first started out, I was in my early 30's........young and energetic, dabbling with fengshui here and there and now in my 50's, mature and mellowed like a bottle of matured red wine. I love my wines, red and thank you to those who still give me bottles of Merlot. We loved them and thank you for making your sifu, Lynn....... Hoi Sum (happy in cantonese)Have you tried ? they tasted really really good. kekeke
Sometimes, I don't know which fengshui tip to share with you cause there are so many and when "inspiration" come then I will know this is the one that I want to share......... so you gotta wait for my inspiration lah ! Oh by the way, my blog is catergorised as 60.5 in Blogcatalog
gone up from 55.
Usually after work, when I am home I like to visit this site : Financial Times at to get all the latest news on finance. Recently a man called from Malaysia because the number starts with a +60 and asked if my next year's Predictions are out and I laughed and replied no, not yet, cause I need to go into deep meditation first and I asked him in cantonese which animal sign he is born.
Fengshui Queen SG, Master Lynn Yap's Tip: If one needs the element of metal in their bazi, one of the most effective way is to wear a "long long" (bell) that chimes every time your hand moves to bring about "the sound of metal". SOUND is a very important success factor in feng shui. I usually advise clients to use "the sound of water" in their homes or offices.
However for personal readings, we can use the sound of metal. I don't suppose you can use the sound of water in your bazi by washing your mouth now and then to create that sound of water huh ? Your boss will be wondering why you always go to the rest room ! kekeke (joke)
The other method is to own a car in your name because a car is "big metal" and the type of car that you own and the car colour makes a lot of difference. That is why I own a luxury car of BMW and is silver....... many of my clients also follow but theirs are the bigger series. I can't cope with a big car unless someone drives it for me. Well, you can see it parked somewhere in Gerald Gardens and you can guess the car number plate which ends with the last4 digit of my mobile number.
Do you believe in my brand of fengshui ? Don't believe ask your friends who are believers of feng shui and check this fengshui tip, out !
FSQ NOTE: .........have a wonderful Monday !

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Twilight said...

I believe and even worshiped your feng shui tips at times! You knew that I thought heavens were sending messages to your head. Thank you for sharing!