Monday, September 13, 2010

What hang ups do you have ?

Today, 14 September 2010 Tuesday: We are going to discuss about "hang ups":

Early this year, in one life reading sessions with 3 sisters, we tell each other about our "hang ups" and because we were so comfortable with each other, all of us started laughing and laughing especially when the "hang ups" are so so "craxy".

What are "hang ups" ? Hang Ups is an emotional preoccupation. Many of us have our own "hang up" in hokkien we say "kuan". Your "kuan" or "pattern" is like this ..........kekeke

Just to give a simple example: He will never leave the house unless his hair is combed. Hang ups can sometimes break a marriage, relationships between couples or with friends or with bosses. So we need to first recognise that and then act on it or work on it or simply remove it. Then, when this hang up is removed, every thing will be back to normal.

I have a friend whom I go out lunch with at times and she would always place a lot of food on my plate and insisted that I finished them if not she would "sulk". This is her "kuan" while for me, is when I am full, I will stop eating and not put any more food in my body if not I know I will put on weight and for years I have had a hard time keeping my body in shape because of so many good food and drinks that friends/clients buy for me. I would rather leave food on the table than to place all of them into my body. You cannot imagine how much work out or sit ups that I need to do to remove those extra fats if I keep eating everything my friend placed on my plate.

Sometimes, I buy my clients buffet lunches during their annual life reading sessions and only for the females. There are quite a few priviledged ones already and we would also touched on the topic of "hang ups". kekeke

One of my personal hang ups is the fear of heights - many of my clients these days buy very high floors condos (33 floor, 37 floor) and when I go up there, I usually hold on to the wall at the balcony to look at the fengshui at the balcony and my clients would start laughing........Master Lynn !!! then I would turn around and said Yes ? with my blinking eyes kekeke. Inside the apartment, I am ok but not at the balcony and I realised that I am not the only one like that. One of their family member also have a fear of heights.

You can imagine if I go up any higher.........what will happen to me ? ^_^ Anyhow over the years, I have learnt to "contained" that hang up already (I meditated till it is gone) and am more "chai" (stable) now......see you up there, 45 level ok ?

FSQ NOTE: Perfect english is good for work and for Corporate Clients or speeches/talks but our singlish touches the heart (soul) of most of my residential clients. They feel very very comfortable speaking to me either in cantonese or hokkien and we would have had a very good fengshui session like last week when I was at Mayspring condo, I spoke in cantonese, luckily, the level was 10 floor. woot !!!


Twilight said...

LOL... You are so funny and got me thinking about my own 'hang ups'.
Gosh! I have lots of them lo....!

Lynn Yap said...

Haha.....tell me about it !!! Kekeke