Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My test shot with Canon EOS 60D

Today, 27 January 2011 (Thursday) - Many of us are probably busy getting our house or office ready to welcome the lunar new year and I saw people busy buying new clothes for the new year too ! so lovely !

FSQ PHOTO: "A Yellow Golden Flower against the backdrop of my house where the Dragon's breath lies"

How do you like this test shot using my new camera Canon EOS 60D. I am not a good photographer I know......but shall try my best to take better shots ok ? Anyhow, I prefer being photographed ^_^ (please take more photos of me)

FEBRUARY TALKS: I am scheduled to deliver 3 more talks on Predictions 2011 and am most impressed that Feb 10 LoHei with Singapore Manufacturers Associations (SMA) I have a total of 300 participants!!! Wow ! I am REALLY VERY VERY impressed and honoured. See you there and would be joining for dinner and Lo Hei for GOOD LUCK, BETTER HEALTH and WEALTH !!!

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