Saturday, January 29, 2011

Starting on Lunar New Year 2011 !

Today, 30 January 2011 (Sunday) - I love Sundays cause I get to take Benjamin (my car) out for a spin along Yio Chu Kang.
When do we stop work so as to welcome the Lunar New Year ?
In our brand of fengshui Queen, Singapore (registered mark), we don't stop and we don't start. We are very hard working people and that's how we become successful besides the feng shui helping us.
We will still continue to work and work meaning till Chinese New Year eve, we are still working or rather I am still working. I am one of those who will buy my Chinese New Year clothes on Chinese New Year Eve. This year, is quite good already as I had time to go tailor make my qipao top and I have chosen a bright red dress from Tyan Boutique.
Then on the first day of Chinese New Year, we would go to our office to turn on the lights, air con, computers for one hour, do some work (send email greetings or reply emails) and then go home or go visit family members/relatives. After that, any time we start work is a very Good day.
I usually start work on 3rd day of Chinese New Year (kia soo) so this year will be on 5 February 2011 where my clients will come and I will give them mandarin oranges (without the transparent wrapper) and if there are young children around, I would give them red packets.
FSQ NOTE: 4 February 2011 (Li Chun) I am not picking up my calls ! Don't call me...... can whats app or sms. Want to make appointment, sure can !!! Have a wonderful Lunar New Year 2011 !!!

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