Friday, March 18, 2011

You MISS me ?

Today, 18 March 2011 (Friday) - Today I met my lady client and she said how come the blog is not updated for so sooooo....long ??? I merely smiled and said I was "busy".

Then at the same breath I said : "I did not take any new photos so nothing new to show mah !" and she seemed to nod in agreement. Ahem.

Actually just last week also another client also sms me asking about me and asked if I went overseas and I repied : "Yes Yes ! me going to Fukuoka, Japan soon !!!! and got "hot spring" wah !!! must try !!! Hope I don't become "chow tar" hahaha!

Your favourite fengshui master, Master Lynn Yap is working hard now so that in April I can take a short break and RELAX !
What you want to hear is fengshui Queen Singapore 's tip right ?

FSQ Tip: Well, you know that I have to give a talk after 4th February 2011 so that tip about : What to do on 4th February cannot hold true because it was already past and so I had to give my participants brand new FSQ tips and guess I said to them ?

Well I said : Most of us change new money before Chinese New Year. How many of us change Big notes to small notes AGAIN during the first 15 days of Chinese New Year huh ? Well, my darling and I did.

It is always very auspicious to change big notes to small notes. Want to change your luck ? do this anytime !!! and it works !!! ;)
PS: You can chat with me in Whatsapp ! 9685-2718 ! (I work very hard for you and your family !!!)

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