Friday, May 27, 2011

Ask a fengshui Master if our property is hot !

Today, 28 May 2011 (Saturday) -
hi, I know I have been busy.......ok I shall try to write often as I still want my blog to be Number ONE in Google search engines for Singapore Feng Shui Blog ! hehe I want to be the best fengshui blogger lah !
Why Best ? Because I can hold "your interest" for long, long time, that's me. Trust me to write interesting stuff about fengshui that you like to hear or know and that you know that it will work !
Singapore Property Market : Well to find out if our property market is hot or not why not ask any Fengshui Masters, how many orders they are getting regarding a "can or cannot buy" property in Singapore ? if we get a few requests per week, that means that the market is still quite hot. If we get none, then the market would be slower or already "quiet".
FSQ NOTE: Photo is taken from my son's Facebook- "My sexy darling, Ipad2". Can you see his name engraved at the top, 2 lines ? Ivan turns 21 this year, hope he doesn't ask me for the sky for his 21st birthday present ^_^

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