Monday, June 13, 2011

An "off" day - on leave

Today, 13 June 2011 (Monday) - I took a break today, my off day.
I am really grateful that many of you like to come to my blog and read what I write and I hope every day I will get some new inspirations to share feng shui tips with you.
My Thoughts for today:
Singapore Fengshui Blog : On and off I would get clients who wanted to start a new business and they would usually seek my advice on Company name, logo and at the same time, they would already have studied about my Blog, Facebook, and other websites that I am in.
Yes, social media do help me to get new businesses and I hardly advertise unless it is for a particular reason then I will try it out so that when clients come to me, I have first hand information to share with them and to help them grow their business and to use what's best that I have tried.
Sharing my knowledge has always helped me gain more customers and trust. I simply love sharing as I do not wish my clients to go through what I went through those tough years and when I was a housewife.
Fengshui work : there is one fs job that I was really looking forward to doing is because the house is on the street where I live the past 8 years. Why ? because I only need to carry my heavy bag and walk there :) and I warmly welcome the family as my new neighbours in town. Oh and they have very cute sons !!! Nah, it is not that I love boys only, deep down inside me I wish for a daughter. Can't get lah (no destiny for it and I can predict boy or girls, you want to know ) so maybe next time, grand daughters and grand sons !
Tools for my business : Iphone, Ipad and PC (no budget yet for Mac)
Property Investor : No, I am not a property investor as I buy properties that I intend to use and to stay in, that way, we are not overly leveraged. We minimises expenses and create equities.
Fengshui Queen SG, Fengshui Tip: There should be a safe in the house, nicely hidden as the safe represents "money". we usually place the safe beside you where you are sleeping, directly opposite where you are sleeping or facing the side of the bed or even in study rooms where a gold cloth would cover it and on top we place our photo or our family photo. Minimum size of safe is two feet tall, of course the taller the better ^_^

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