Monday, June 27, 2011

"thoughts for the day"

Today, 27 June 2011 (Monday) - It's another week and work and we are almost half way through the rabbit year and today is a Monday !
Thank you to the many who sms to say that they like to read my blog. Hmmm......I sometimes wonder what is it that they like to read ? I guess mainly is they like to read the way I write it lah ! ^_^ (true or not huh)(or am I being sincerely true to you ?) Ah ! must be this lah !!!
I guess the feng shui tips that I give are usually very popular and that you know they will work even though it may sound "crazy" like putting 8 mandarin oranges now in our freezers. Ahem...........well as long as it works for many of us, why not ? So far, so good, yah ?
Feng Shui Queen, Singapore, Master Lynn Yap's tip : Place a metal bowl full of coins in the wealth area of your house and watch how you can manage to save more money when you have 5 of these all full of coins. The energy in the feng shui will have an impact on you when you least expected it ! The bowls are about 6inches in diameter and 4inches in depth and made of metal as they won't break easily and are kept hidden in cupboards away from people's eyes. wanna try ?
FSQ Photo : shows me in the street of Hong Kong ^_^ (just wanna experience how the Hong Kongers live their life after work)


Anonymous said...

The bowls are about 6inches in diameter and 4inches in depth and made of metal

Hi Master Lynn Yap
Thank you for the above Tip

Where can i get the above bowls as you had specified ? Thank you for your help.

alagu said...

hi, i am Alagu from india and just checked your nice blog.

sharon said...

Hi i enjoyed reading yr blog. Where is the wealth area in the house? tks