Monday, July 04, 2011

Getting that S$100/- bills !

Today, 4 July 2011 (Monday) - Thank you for the numerous sms, comments in this blog or in whatsapp on the S$100/- bill.
Someone commented that she has to change to S$100/- bills then can change again and follow my tip ! Well, if you need to change then write a cheque and go to the bank to get your S$100/- bills that way, you won't loose your luck !!! OK ? ^_^
Hope you are working hard and busy at work. My fengshui tips usually work and that is why I have many followers or fans and many clients. You just need to be good at your work and the rest will just follow. These are the energies of the workings of the Universe.
FSQ TIP: When someone is extremely kind and nice to you, should'nt you appreciate and repay that kindness ? Have you ever been in that situation before when you can FEEL in your heart to be very very appreciative ?
FSQ Photo: Photo taken in a taxi on way to airport and home to Singapore.

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