Tuesday, August 02, 2011

"How do you like your fried rice ?"

Today is 2nd August 2011 (Tuesday) - Today, work is as usual.
Thank you for the many clients who posted Birthday Wishes for Ivan in my Facebook. Thanks ! (he is quite pleased)
How do you like your fried rice ?
Well, there are many ways to fry the rice and cook fried rice.
I like my fried rice with garlic best and is always good to take rice at least 3 or 4 times a week as taking rice also means that there is always rice to eat, every time (for fengshui reasons).
Fengshui Queen, Singapore's Tip: The same with cooking rice at home: One needs to cook rice at home at least once in two months even if you hardly cook. And cooking rice at home is not the same as cooking porridge.
In the old days, when people were poor, they cook porridge as a form of comfort food. so cooking rice is better than cooking porridge. Of course, occasionally, we can cook porridge and have something light to go with it. Some of my favourite food to go with porridge are canned stuff ^_^ (my generation, the 1950's, I think we like stuff like these)
FSQ Photo : This photo was taken recently as I was rather busy and therefore took less photos, not the best shot yeah ? but nevertheless the latest one lah !!! ^_^
Latest News : I have been invited by Safra Mt Faber (they already booked me, this January 2011 for January 2012's first Prediction talk) and Safra Tampiness for "Predictions for 2012", in January 2012. Watch this space, when registration opens, ok ? and see you soon !!!!
Investments : You know, Gold really went up to US$1500/- per ounce as predicted in January 2011 and Australian dollars really went up (my mum sold some of her Aussie dollars early this year and made some money) I did not invest in any of these but used the spare cash to buy my office this year in June 2011. Can't be helped lah ! I don't like renting so lucky, owners wanted to sell and lucky, I have some spare cash to pay for the office. Let's see what's going to happen in the Water Dragon year 2012 and see what's good to buy and make money by the end of the Dragon year yah ? Want to know more, come to my talks !!!!

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