Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Live your life to serve others"

Today, 17 August 2011 (Wednesday) - Another day of life readings before I set off tomorrow to go to Jakarta, Indonesia.
After I come back and worked on 20 August, Saturday then on 21 August Sunday, I have to fly to Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia and back on 23 August 2011, I guess it will all be fun ! (direct flight)
I hope to bring some nice photos back and am going to miss some of my favourite shows but WORK always come first for me as the whole FOCUS of my life is : my work. I work 7 days a week but not all the daybreak hours, only by appointments only. That means that all my clients' need come first before mine. I am still available via sms, email, Facebook and Whatsapp to 9685-2718. I can live a very simple life with very little needs except for my super "pan tang" ways !!! ^_^ Oh and I love red wine like Merlot !!!
Oh and my eldest son, Ivan just went to NTU for his Animation degree, first year intake. I guess he was among the 12,000 Singaporean students who made it ! Oh yes, this boy makes me proud and I am a very happy mum.
Live your life to serve others :
That way, your life could be more fulfilling and "rich", in another sense.
FSQ Note: I guess it can be quite difficult for me to blog even if I bring my Ipad2 with me. I will try to give you a "one liner" *wink*

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