Saturday, October 22, 2011

Owning multiple properties and doing it right !

Today, 23 October 2011 (Sunday) - Today is Sunday.......lovely day to rest and relax and to think a little on how to move next.
These days, there are some seminars that can teach you on how to own multiple properties in the shortest time ever. If you have time, try and attend them. I think they can benefit you and help you understand how the rich or haves, done it.
After learning that then it is up to you on whether you want to "move on and follow" or not. Usually it is the "mindset" thing.
I am sure those who believe in property to creating wealth for themselves, have already done sot and that they now own 6 to 15 or more properties. These days, owning one property is not enough because the rich will get richer and richer and you may fall back behind, just becareful ok but do it within your means and with little risk.
Personally, I own 3 properties in Singapore, two of which are very small ones but still they are my very own and in my name so that anytime I wish to sell, I can. I would not have the problem of someone over ruling it (not allow me to sell) then I would not be able to move in my own destiny.
Recently, many have come to see me for a life reading, making me Singapore's most famous fortune teller and fengshui master or rather the most popular, maybe ^_^ because I still work very hard for you and do them personally, is because I want to. I do my best to help anyone who approaches me for fengshui and ensure that they see results after the fengshui is done. That is my Company's brand promise - fengshui Queen Singapore's brand promise.
After that, I advise my clients to save money and to buy another one because my parents believe in thriftyness and saving money for a rainy day. That is why I do not like to see my clients spending lavishly, spending some, yes but not too much, saving money is best.
FSQ Note: When things do not go smoothly for you, pray and offer a lighted candle to any God that you believe in. It can help to bring back the Good Luck that you have !

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Minghwei said...

Dear Master Yap

Thank you very much for your tips and encouragement all the time!

You're the best! ^_^

I agree with you. Being thrifty and living within our means and saving up for our future are more important.

People save and invest in all sorts of instruments to accumulate wealth.

Best Regards