Saturday, January 21, 2012

Have a FANTASTIC Lunar New Year 2012 !!!

Today, 22 January 2012 (Sunday) - Today is Chinese New Year eve and I hope that many of you would have got everything welcome the year of the Dragon !!!!
Come this evening...........many of you would be having reunion dinners and so will I !
Singapore popular Fengshui Blog Master Lynn Yap Predictions 2012 -
For those who wish to read my Predictions for the Dragon Year 2012......well interestingly enough, yesterday evening around 8pm, Paul, owner of the website, texted me saying that his readers would like to know what's in store for their horoscope in the coming new year and so I immediately get to my laptop and quickly emailed him so that he can get his web developers to upload them into the interent for all to read.
It was quite fast and when I woke up early this morning I had a Google alert on my own Predictions 2012 and saw that it was already up in slideshare and then I sent it to my Facebook with over 4997 friends for all to read at 6.30am !!! and 2 mins later, I had a "like" from one of my client ^_^ (wah so early wake up !!!)(Singapore english)
Well........ here is the link:
or search for slideshare and Lynn Yap and by this morning already got 66 views !!!
I will upload mine into my slideshare account after 11 February 2012. You will notice that I have my own set of principles when it comes to work and my working style - to enjoy myself and having fun !
The last few days, my mobile was on silent mode and I went to office to do readings, quite a few new readings and I counted 6 new ones, the rest all annual reviews and haven't finished yet, will continue on second day of chinese new year !!! Yap ! I will be working !!! (give oranges and ang pows)
Thank you for the great demand for my "Predictions 2012". I guess it is because over many years, I have done a great job and that impresses !!!!!
Er..............correct spelling or not ah or the Dragon is coming is it ! ^_^
FSQ NOTE : My family & I wishes all , A very very very very Happy Lunar New Year, 2012 !!!! Thank you for once again making our blog Number One in Google search for Singapore fengshui blog !!! I must have been a great blogger !!!! hehe

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